“Let’s Go To The Fair”

Almost every county in New York celebrates an annual fair.  Warren County was no exception. The Warren County Fair had its beginnings in 1857 as the Warren County Agricultural Society. I’d like to share some images from a recent accession of material relating to the Warren County Agricultural Society (1863-1886), The Warrensburgh Fair and Exhibition (1876-1928) and The Warren County Farm Bureau (1918-1925)


1863 Warren County Agricultural Society catalog


By 1871 the Fair was known as “The Fair and Exhibition of the Warrensburgh Union Agricultural Society” and was held at the society’s grounds in Warrensburgh, New York.


1876 Fair Catalog


The 1879 Fair Catalog shows the program for the fair and the premium list of prizes to be awarded.

1879 Fair Program



By the turn of the century the fair was known simply as “The Warren County Fair”.

1909 Fair Catalog


Aerial View of the Fairgrounds in 1918


Here are two pictures of the fair in 1908

1908 Seeking Amusement Down the Pike


1908 Down the Pike


The 1909 fair catalog contains a number of pictures of the fairground.







Section of stock shed


The fair catalogs also contain interesting ads relating to agricultural products and services.


1909 catalog ad


The 1914 catalog contains an entry blank for entering livestock, agricultural products and home made goods.


1914 entry blank.


The same 1914 catalog contains a notice of withdrawal of premiums for swine.




And what would a county fair be without the excitement of horse races?

1909 horse race



This collection of material is 1 cu.ft. and contains five binders. The newsletters and booklets are housed in mylar pockets within the binders. Please note there are gaps in material for the date ranges provided above.

edited by Tom Lynch, Collections Manager

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Source:   Warren County Fair and Agriculture  #86

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