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The Vampire’s Grasp

Taking orders for this landmark new book from WCHS. The Vampire’s Grasp by well known Folklorist Dr. Michael E. Bell.
The story of New England’s vampires begins with a scourge whose tragic trail is visible in cemeteries throughout the region. Incredible as it may seem to contemporary Americans, vampires preyed upon their not-so-distant ancestors. Vampire attacks increased dramatically during the eighteenth century and remained the leading cause of death in New England throughout the nineteenth century. But this unseen killer did not resemble the clever Count Dracula of Bram Stoker’s imagination. Indeed, it was so small that it was undetectable. New England’s authentic vampires, you see, were pathogenic microbes (“bacteria with fangs,” as a nurse once described them).
Prior to the twentieth century, a diagnosis of consumption (as pulmonary tuberculosis was called at that time) was a virtual death sentence. As the coronavirus crisis was firmly grabbing the world’s attention in 2020, it struck me that if Americans in the early nineteenth century had somehow discerned the benefits of distancing, wearing a mask, and getting vaccinated, they might have stemmed the spread of pulmonary tuberculosis and I could not have written this book. Unfortunately, as I described that era of consumption in my first book on this topic, Food for the Dead: On the Trail of New England’s Vampires (2001), the science that might have generated an effective strategy for flattening the curve of the consumption epidemic did not exist until after 1882, the year that Robert Koch proved that tuberculosis was a bacterial infection. By that time, most of the tragic events examined in this book had already occurred.
This 336 page, well documented book will become a landmark classic study of the TB epidemic of the 19th century. It includes information on the Queensbury Vampire!
Price s $49.99 plus tax ($3.50), total – $53.49. If shipping is required, add $5.
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Queensbury Trails: Lore, Landscapes & Wildflowers

Like to hike?  This booklet is an invitation to be in nature, to stroll, to listen, to look.  An invitation to visit these five trails in Queensbury, New York. To find spring & summer wildflowers along the way and read about trail history. Come, come and see.

This book was compiled by John Strough and Diane Collins.

Cost: $10 plus .70 cents tax. Shipping – add $5.

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American Revolution Coloring Book

The 20th anniversary of the American Revolution is around the corner.  Be sure to help inform your children and have fun at the same time.

Want your child to know something about how America was founded and have fun at the same time? Get them a copy of our new coloring book about the American Revolution. Only $6 plus .42 cents tax. If shipping, add $5.
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Warren County’s NAMESAKE


Why are 12 counties in America named Warren County (including ours)??? Here is a quick read on our namesake Joseph Warren in a brand new writing by Dr. Jerry Martin about another doctor and Revolutionary War hero Joseph Warren.

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Still Available

An American Triumph: America’s Founding Era Through the Lives of Ben Franklin, George Washington, and John Adams

Available Now!

Tom Hand’s An American Triumph: America’s Founding Era Through the Lives of Ben Franklin, George Washington, and John Adams masterfully blends the personal experiences and historic milestones of these three Founding Fathers into an engaging narrative written for the everyday American. Through a collection of captivating stories from Ben Franklin’s birth in 1706 to the passing of John Adams on July 4, 1826, An American Triumph focuses on the momentous events where Franklin, Washington, and Adams played a vital role.

Several “why it matters” sidebars as well as vignettes on other influential persons, impactful occasions and significant documents provide a broader view of America’s creation and inform readers of often overlooked but still noteworthy topics. These stories, along with 130 historical images and a dozen beautifully detailed maps, help make An American Triumph both educational and entertaining, leading to a deeper appreciation of our nation’s founding generation and inspiring a greater sense of love of country.

All proceeds will be donated to the Americana Corner Preserving America Grant Program to help historical organizations across the country tell the incredible story of our nation’s founding era.

(288 pages, 130 images, 7.5 x 9.5 inches)

$35 plus $2.45 tax, total -$37.45. If shipping, add $5.

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Frieda Toth is an internationally recognized James Bond scholar, and arguably the world’s expert on Ian Fleming’s nine James Bond novel, The Spy who Loved Me. Like Bond, she’s an international traveler and a certified SCUBA diver. Frieda also has danced the Rat King in the Nutcracker and sung opera since she was 9, but chances are pretty good you know her from the library.


Historian and Adirondack mountain poet Ed Zahniser has been a guide to the roots of Wilderness philosophy and history for over three decades. With his Neighbor to Adirondack Wilderness, he shares his humble wisdom with readers and admirers from across the country. His latest collection will remind readers to think more deeply about their own home places, the places on earth where they feel most grounded in life.

$29.99 plus $2.09 tax, total – $32.08. If shipping, add $5/


Warren County Voices is a collection of over three dozen stories and recollections of life in Warren County, New York in the 20th and 21st centuries.  Written by local authors, these stories reflect personal memories and experiences that document treasured memories, poignant coming-of-age tales, and humorous anecdotes that portray the fabric of life in the southern Adirondacks.

This book captures the essence of the history and heritage of Warren County, New York – its places and people – and offers a plethora of recollections that show life as we’ve known it here – and glimpse into what the future might bring.

$29.99 plus $2.09 tax, total $32.08. If shipping, add $5.

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Legendary Women of New York State Coloring Book


Let your young ones learn the power of women in politics, science, literature and the arts while they have fun coloring the pages and reading the text.  The book was created by Capital District artist Maryanne Rappaport.

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History on a Thumb (Drive) #2 

The Warren County Historical Society announced today the availability of the complete set of 19th century New York State Counties histories in digital form on a computer thumb drive.

“Many people who like to collect history books will find this a convenient way to add to their collection as it takes up little space,” as Executive Director Don Rittner explains. “This collection contains the 19th century histories of all New York State counties as well as some state wide collections and biographical summaries,” he added. “If you are looking for research on any part of New York  State history or genealogical biographies, this collection has them,” he said.

The Thumb Drive which can be used on PCs as well as a Macintosh computer comes on a 16 or 32 gigabit thumb drive and there is room for more that can be added by the owner. The price of the thumb drive is $25 plus $1.75 tax. If shipping. add $5. Contact the Society to order.

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The History of the Glens Falls Fire Department



Seneca Ray Stoddard; and Intimate Portrait of an Adirondack

The Warren County Historical Society announced today the publication of a new book on the complete biography of Seneca Ray Stoddard by well known local author and doctor Daniel Way, MD.

This full color, 205 page book, titled Seneca Ray Stoddard; and Intimate Portrait of an Adirondack,  is the result of five years research by Way and allowed Dan to reveal his families’ connection and some unique photographs never before published, including a virtual tour of Stoddard’s house, which no longer exists. 

Each of the 22 chapters features a specific aspect of Stoddard’s talent and career, with over 250 illustrations to create as vivid and complete a picture of his life as possible. Dan’s hope is that the book will rekindle a full appreciation of Stoddard’s talents, creations, and his enduring impact on the Adirondack Park as we know it today.

The book retails for $32.99 plus  $2.30 tax, total – $32.29. If shipping, add $5.  One can order through Paypal (Line:, check or credit card by calling the society’s office at 518 743-0734.


By Ken Tingley:

The Last American Newspaper – $30.00

The Last American Editor, Vol. 1 – $18.95

The Last American Editor, Vol 2 – $18.95


We are offering a special combo to get our 2023 historic calendar AND the daily planner for $30 plus tax and shipping (Total $37).  Limited quantities so order today!  Pay directly through PayPal (go to or check or credit card!

JUST IN!  The new Warren County History Daily Planner!

Do you like to keep track of your daily plans, meeting, events?  Why not do it with the brand new Warren County History Daily Planner.  Our newest publication is 100 pages so you can keep track of your day’s events by the hour, lists your tasks and goals for the day and take notes.  AND you even get a daily dose of Warren County history with historic photos and historical tidbits.  You can use this into the next year if you don’t fill up it this year because you can select the year, month & day, and time soon each page. Not only will it be a valuable memory of your year’s events, you will learn some interesting history about our county. Pay directly through PayPal (go to or check or credit card!

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NEW!!!  More than 90 history books on Warren County on a thumb drive (or CDROM).  We have put together a digital collection of history books on Warren County and making them available for the price of $20 for the thumb drive or CDROM (your choice), plus $1.40 tax and $5 shipping.  Many of these books are classic 19th century histories, picture books and maps.  You can now pay directly through paypal at

or send check to Warren County Historical Society, 50 Gurney Lane, Queensbury, 12804.  If you would like to use a credit card, please call the office at 518 743-0734.


More Featured Titles in our Book and Gift Shop:

Around the Adirondacks in Stereo, by John T. Hastings – $30.00 +$2.10 tax, total – $32.1o. If shipping, add $5.

Now and Then: Images of Glens Falls and Queensbury, by Bob Bayle and Andrea Matte – $25.00+ $1.75 tax, total – $26.75.  If shipping, add $5.

Warren County (New York): Its People And Their History Over Time  – $20.00 plus $1.40 tax, total – $21.40. If shipping, add $5.

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Warren County Historical Society Publications And Merchandise Price List

(add 7% tax; and $5 shipping, if required)

The Last Seamstress of Fowler’s Mills – Teri Podnorszki Rogers $20.00

Founding Martyr: The Life and Death of Dr. Joseph Warren, the American Revoliution’s Last Hero – by Christian DiSpigna $28.00

Joseph Warren and the Boston Revolution – by Shane Newell  $25.00

Saving Dr. Warren – by Jeffrey J. McKenna  $20.00

Haunted Warren County – by David Pitkin – $20.00

The Legend of Lake George – “El Lagarto” – by Jon Bowers   $30 (soft cover), $45.00 (hard cover)

Timber, Tanneries, and Tourists – $28.99

People and Pages from Warrensburgh’s Past – by John Hastings   $23.00

WWII and Korean War Recollectionsby George A. Morwood $10.00

Adirondack Gold  – Summer of Strangers  by Persis Granger  $11.95

Historic Maps of Lake George by Don Rittner  $29.95

The Revolutionary War Lives and Letters of Lucy and Henry Knox by Philip Hamilton  $27.00

New York Suffragists in Redwork by Tisha Dolton  23.00

Souls of the Soil by Gloria Waldron Hukle  $17.00

Beneath the Elms by Gloria Waldron Hukle  $17.00

Train to Glory by Lisa Potocar   $20.00

Sweet Glory by Lisa Potocar   $18.00

Log Marks on the Hudson by Richard Merrill   $10.00

Beggies, a Brick Church, and a Vendue by John Hastings  $15.00

Dome Island by Noah Chirnomas   $12.95

Food for the Dead by Michael Bell   $24.95

Stewards of the Water by the Assembly Point Water Quality Coalition and Authors  $20.00

An Adirondack Portfolio: Hiking Stories and Photos of Francis Bayle by Robert Bayle    $33.00

 Glens Falls – Lake George Area Portfolio of Francis Bayle by Robert Bayle $27.00

Visitors to My Street by Bernard McCann  $25.00

John Apperson’s Lake George by Ellen Apperson Brown   $22.00

…..and More……

  • “Listening In” Memories of Glens Falls 1755-1931 $20.00
  • Reflection & Recollections $13.00
  • An Historic Discourse on the Occasion of The Centennial Celebration of the Battle of Lake George (includes a copy of the Blodgett Map) $10.00
  • Reflections of the Past $13.00
  • The Schroon River $15.00
  • Echoes in These Mountains by Glenn Pearsall  (out of stock)
  • 25 Interesting Historical Sites To Explore in the Lake George, NY Region $18.95
  • Bicycle & Canoe Trips in the Adirondacks $ 5.00
  • Family Camping in the Adirondacks $ 5.00
  • WCHS Tote Bags $3.99
  • Native American print $20.00
  • Strength Without Compromise $20.00
  • Adirondack, Lumber Capital of the WorldPhilip J. Harris $18.10 (out of stock)
  • Echoes from a Small Country TownLouis G. Alexander $20.00
  • Seeking the Northwest PassageDon & Carol Thompson  (out of stock)
  • At the End of the RoadRuth Lamb (out of stock)

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