John Thurman Papers # 19

Title: John Thurman Papers collected by George Kidera
Creator: Thurman, John
Dates: 1730 – 1809


Dates: document range: 1793 – 1850.
Extent: 1.5 cu.ft.


Collection Number: #19


Repository: Warren County (N.Y.) Historical Society


Abstract: George Kidera a resident of Cudahy, Wisconsin who donated these papers to the Warren County Historical Society by deed of gift in 2005 and 2006. The documents were found in an old barn in Delavan, Walworth County, Wisconsin.


Scope and Content. The John Thurman Papers collected by George Kidera contains correspondence, papers, surveys and small maps relating to the Thurman Family of New York City and Johnsburg, Warren County, New York. The properties are located in Warren County, NY in the Hyde Township, The Gore, the Dartmouth Patent, Totten & Crossfield Patent and in Washington County, NY in the Village of Fort Edward.


Organization and Arrangement. I. box 1 contains correspondence, surveys, articles of agreement, deeds, bonds, warrants surveys and small maps.


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Description and Box Listing


Box 1


Folder 1

2005.013.001 Bill from Mr. Taylor to John Thurman (1798)

2005.013.002 Surveying Bill (1793) for James Starbuck by John Davis, SE Quarter of Lot 17, containing 160 acres.

2005.013.003 Surveying Bill (1793) for Peleg Tripp by John Davis SE Quarter of Lot 13 containing 175 acres.

2005.013.004 Sketch of property with meets and bounds description dated July 6, 1796 surveyed for Noadiah Graves by Robert Moxham North Quarter of Lot 10 in the east Gore containing 164 acres.

2005.013.005 Survey of  Lot 52 in Hyde Township dated August 9, 1797, containing 125 acres for Charles Cameron by Robert Moxham.

2005.013.006 Survey of part of the SE half of Lot 66 containing 65 acres for Ephraim Ryan by Robert Moxham dated June 8, 1798.

2005.013.007 Survey of the North Quarter of Lot 14 in the Gore containing 166 acres for William Bond by Robert Moxham dated May 15, 1799.

2005.013.008 Survey of the North Quarter of Lot 13 in the Gore containing 111 acres for John Comstock by Robert Moxham, dated May 17, 1799.

2005.013.009 Survey of part of Lot 11 in the Gore containing 86 acres for Eli Fox by Robert Moxham dated June 11, 1799.

2005.013.010 Survey of part of the South quarter of Lot 13 in the Gore containing 40 acres surveyed for Newcomb Mead by Robert Moxham, dated June 12, 1799.

2005.013.011 Survey of the NW Quarter of Lot 14 in the Gore containing 166 acres for James Starbuck by Charles Leggett dated Chester 11th month, 1799

2005.013.012 Bill for survey of 13th Township, 12th Township and half the gore of the 12th Township setting off lot for John Thurman and Philip Rykert  dated 11 Oct 1802 and signed by John Thurman and Robert  Rykert. Note also mentions John Richards.

2005.013.013 Survey of part of Lot 58 in Hyde Township 134 acres surveyed for Thomas Newbury by Charles Leggett dated 11 month, 1801 containing 134 acres and survey of part of Lot 58 in Hyde Township for Hazard Morey by Charles Leggett dated 11 month, 1801 containing 134 acres.

2005.013.014 Survey bill of the NE Quarter of Lot 86 in Hyde Township for Caleb Tripp by Charles Leggett containing 131 acres 11 month, 1801.

2005.013.015 A survey of Lot No. 4 in the subdivision of Great Lot 83 in Hyde Township surveyed for Levi Duel by Charles Leggett dated 8th month, 1802. copied at the request of Stephen Brooks.

2005.013.016  Survey of the Division of the Rouse farm for Robert Cole & William Weaver containing 43 acres dated Dec. 13, 1805. Second survey of the Division of the Rouse farm containing 43 acres for John Weaver dated Dec. 13, 1805 by John Richards.

2005.013.017 Promissory note to pay John Thurman $198.67 dated 13 Jan 1806 by Timothy Johnson. Witnessed Edward Rees and Henry Vaughan

2005.013.018 Bond and warrant to John Thurman from Justin Johnson and Cyrus Johnson for $759.45 dated 11 March 1807 witnessed by Edward Rees and Charles Whitmore.

2005.013.019 Survey of property for Thomas Porter containing 113 acres surveyed by James Woodworth dated Bolton,  August, 1814.

2005.013.020 Article of agreement for purchase Lot No. 2 in the allotment of the village of Fort Edward by John Brevort, Jr. of Argyle from Ralph Thurman of New York City by Charles Leggett his attorney dated 20 April 1816. Witnessed by Mary Leggett and Nancy Leggett.

2005.013.021 Bond from John Prichard of Chester to John Thurman of Johnsburgh for $408.00 dated 1 May 1809. witnessed by Charles Leggett and Joseph Leggett. Signed by R Thurman on back.

2005.013.022 Deed for property in the Gore in the town of Chester, Warren County part of Lot 72 in Great Lot 16 to Hosea Hoisington from estate of  Ralph Thurman by Sara Thurman, administratrix March 11, 1826.

2005.013.023 Survey of Lot in Great Lot 66 Hyde Township containing 46 acres dated February 22, 1845.

2005.013.024 Survey of part of Lot No. 6 in Great Lot No. 85 in Hyde Township containing 60 acres of land surveyed by Levi Pasko dated November 3, 1848.

2005.013.025 Contract for Sale of N part of Lot 84 in Hyde Township to John Barrett  from John R Thurman and others heirs of Ralph Thurman dated Chester, November 7, 1850. Lot formerly taken up by John Clark and occupied by David Bartlett and sold to George Hawley who then abandoned it.

2005.013.026 Surveying Bill of Lot No 33 for John Mc Donald by John Davis containing 276 acres. undated.

2005.013.027 Survey list of properties with acreage and estimate of value (undated)

2005.013.028 Deed for Lot 33 in the 13th township of the Totten & Crossfield from William Rist of Johnsburgh to Amos Rist of Brookline, Windham Co., VT. Witnessed by Erdelia Rist and Miner Richardson (undated).

2005.013.029 Survey map of 131 acres, part of Lot 42, with meets and bounds description (undated)

2005.013.030 Survey of NE Quarter of Great Lot 81 in Hyde township containing 74 acres and adjoining John Noxon’s lot and Nelson Barrett’s lot (undated).

2005.013.031 Survey notes for corner of Lot No. 30, Hyde township. (undated)

2005.013.032 Survey of SE Quarter of Lot No. 30 containing 125 acres surveyed for Joseph Harris. (undated)


Folder 2

2006.051.001 Survey Bill  to Henry Ryan from Robert Moxham, 65 acre survey, part of Lot 66,  June 8, 1798

2006.051.002 Survey of 133 acres, part of Lot 20, Hyde Township for Samuel Burnham by Robert Moxham, dated May 10, 1799.

2006.051.003 Supreme Court narratio dated January 16, 1819, regarding promissary note signed 27 April at Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York for  $236.

2006.051.004 Supreme Court Replevin dates August 6, 1819, City of Hudson, Columbia Co., New York to recover watches and silver spoons against Michael S Martin by Henry Bessac.

2006.051.005 Agreement between William Morehouse by Ralph Thurman regarding Lot 39 or 40 in 13th Township of Totten & Crossfield dated October 1, 1820. Signed by Charles Leggett, attorney for Sarah Thurman, administrator of estate of Ralph Thurman. Assignment signed by Samuel Ward, 2nd in presence of Nicholas Roosevelt, witnessed by John Ward, Jr in presence  of John Dunn

2006.051.006 Rental Agreement between Henry Hitchcock and John Gallop dated July 26,1836 Town of Athol, north part of Lot 3, Second Range, Great Dartmouth tract containing 96 acres, signed by Thomas Leggett.

2006.051.007 Handwritten bill for Mr. Gilchrist bill 1844 – 1847.

2006.051.008 Survey Bill of Eliakim R Wheeler for NW Quarter of Lot 4, Range 2, Dartmouth Patent containing  44 acres in town of Athol October 8, 1842 by Elisha Pendell, surveyor.

2006.051.009  Memorandum of what Mr. Gilchrist claims dated 1845 – 1846 mentions Mr. Thurman, Middletons, Leaches, John Taber and William Wakeley.

2006.051.010  Memorandum regarding R. Gilchrist and Thurman estate. Names mentioned include Crawford, T J Carpenter, Sherman, Sherwood,   Elijah Ross, L G Herrington, S Sheffield, E B Tripp, T J Qua, M Grover, James Whitaker and O Colton, dated 1844 – 1846.

2006.051.011 Assignment of accounts, Lemuel Crawford to John R. Thurman 14 May 1846.

2006.051.012 Receipt for Highway tax of Joshua Loveland for the year 1847, Lands in the Dartmouth, 51.012Town of Athol receipt signed by Jefferson Loveland.

2006.051.013 Letter, Sara T. Thurman to Hon. William Hotchkiss regarding bills to the estate of Ralph Thurman dated December 19, 1857.

2006.051.014 Demand for Payment for rent on two lots in the Gore. undated and unsigned. probably Ralph Thurman.

2006.051.015 Survey bill to J B Van Colinet from Charles Leggett, Division of Lot 65 on Great Lot 17 & 18. undated.

2006.051.016 Note from Charles Leggett to Robert Moxham regarding survey bills of D Mitchell, J Hoskins & G Knapp mentions Gideon Mead, Elias Palmer and Michael Mead. (undated)

2006.051.017 Survey including sketch map of the NW half of Lot 16 in the Gore laid out to Levi Mead containing 125 acres and SW corner of Lot No. 1 laid out to Isaac Dickinson, map also shows lots laid out to Asa Hix, Joseph Coon and Jonathan Coon.  (undated)

2006.051.018 Partial document upper right quarter missing mortgage recorded 6 Feb 1799 Book C, page 122, Washington County, NY recorded by Gerritt Wendell witness John Thurman, signed by John Houldon.

2006.051.019 Survey bill of Lot 20 NW quarter Hyde township containing 60 acres lot of Daniel Bullock bounded by lands of Lyman Kinyon, Richards and Pendells.

2006.051.020  Partial undated highway assessment list Town of Chester, Warren County, NY mentions Isaac Mosher, David Mosher, James Starbuck Roger Braley, Jonathan Vowers, Perry Parce, Daniel Owen, Jacob Deland, Meeting House lot, William Daley, Joshua Eaton,  Ebenezer Mosely, William Smith and Simeon Babcock.

2006.051.021 Survey for Gurdon Nelson of lot in subdivision of Great Lot 17 & 18  containing 62 acres and 1 rood. Undated.

2006.051.022 Survey of Lot No. 7 VII near Mill Lot, part of lot is along a road. undated.

2006.051.023 Survey of NW quarter of Lot 30, Hyde Township containing 125 acres, 5 roods, 7 perches surveyed for Richard Morey. undated.


Folder 3

2012.002.001 Preprinted bond and warrant to John Thurman from Justin Johnson and Cyrus Johnson for $759.45 dated 11 March 1807 witnessed by Edward Rees and Charles Whitmore. (This document was a gift of William C Ketchum in 2012 and is a preprinted original document) the same as handwritten document 2005.013.018 in the Kidera Collection.)