Rewind: July 15, 2019 – “Ghosts in Warren County?”

The topic of ghosts comes up every once in a while when someone will call or email a question about haunted spots and/or ghosts in Warren County. This article comes from the Spring/Summer 1987 issue of Glens Falls Today, a short-lived magazine published in the area. This particular article by Helen Cackener offers several examples of ghostly presence in the county. The article is presented here as it appeared in the original magazine.

If you are interested in learning more about Warren County ghosts, we invite you to read David J. Pitkin’s book, HAUNTED WARREN COUNTY, which includes seven chapters of ghost stories. It is available from the Society for a special price of $12, including tax through the summer. Call us for more information 518-743-0734. We can mail the volume for an additional fee, and we accept credit cards.

Haunted Warren County