Sheila Satterlee Collection #23

Sheila Satterlee Collection #23
Updated March 9, 2017

Descriptive Summary

Title: Sheila Satterlee Collection
Creator: Satterlee, Sheila
Dates: living
Dates: 1873-1930’s
Extent: .5 cu.ft. (also calendar collection box)

Collection Number: #23

Repository: Warren County (N.Y.) Historical Society

Abstract: Sheila Satterlee a resident of Old Military Rd., Lake George, NY

Scope and Content. The Sheila Satterlee collection contains:

Organization and Arrangement. Collection is all contained in a .5 cu.ft. box

Administrative Information and Restrictions

Access Restrictions: This collection is open for research. Staff will access all material.
Preferred citation: Sheila Satterlee Collection. Warren County (N.Y.) Historical Society, Queensbury, New York 12804.
User Restrictions: The historical society acts as “fair use” reproduction agent.

Copyright Information
Before material from collections at the Warren County (N.Y.) Historical Society may be quoted in print, or otherwise reproduced, in whole or in part, in any publication, permission must be obtained from (1) the owner of the physical property, and (2) the holder of the copyright. It is the particular responsibility of the researcher to obtain both sets of permissions. Persons wishing to quote from materials in the archival collection should consult the Director. Reproduction of any item must contain a complete citation to the original.

Finding Aid Publication.

Finding aid prepared by volunteers at Warren County (N.Y.) Historical Society.

Description and Box Listing

Box 1

Folder 1
2002.050.001 Courtyard of Hyde Museum
2002.050.002 Marcella Sembrich memorial Studio Bolton Landing
2002.050.003 Marcella Sembrich memorial Studio Bolton Landing—interior view
2002.050.004 Hotel Wayside Office, Lake Luzerne

Folder 2
2002.050.005 Pearl Point, Lake George
2002.050.006 Horicon Lodge, Lake George 1890s
2002.050.007 Approach to Top O’ the World, Lake George, New York
2002.050.008 Katskill House Hotel, Lake George

Folder 3
2002.050.009 James H. Carpenter for who the firs company was named in 1891
2002.050.010 Elizabeth Carpenter—owned Carpenter House
2002.050.011 Fort William Henry Hotel
2002.050.012 Exterior view of Fort William Henry Hotel

Folder 4
2002.050.013 Exterior view of Fort William Henry Hotel
2002.050.014 Gatehouse of Marie Antoinette Villa built by Dr. William Beckers
2002.050.015 Exterior Villa Marie Antoinette Melody Manor
2002.050.016 Interior Marie Antoinette Villa, Bolton Landing

Folder 5
2002.050.017 Bowling Alley, Marie Antoinette Villa
2002.050.018 Interior Marie Antoinette Villa, Bolton Landing
2002.050.019 Photos of Dr. William Beckers
2002.050.020 Newspaper article with photo of Dr. John M. Griffin from
Warrensburg Newspaper

Folder 6
2002.050.021 Rogers Rock hotel on Lake George
2002.050.022 Former Broesel-hemstone now Bixby Estate on Lake George
2002.050.023 William Bement’s summer home in Bolton
2002.050.024 Walter Price Mansion, now Twin Birches, Lake George

Folder 7
2002.050.025 Sherman House Glens Falls, New York
2002.050.026 home of Dr. Edward Parrott, Rector of St. James, Lake George
2002.050.027 Picture—pupils, Warren School house about 1880
2002.050.028 Claude Granger—one of Lake George’s first Polar Bears in early

Folder 8
2004.001.001 Camp Pine Knot—photo Raquette Lake Camp E. Bierstadt (photographer)
2004.001.002 Blacksmith Shop Horicon—photo (Bartonville) late 1900s owner Mr. Barlow
2004.001.003 Trapper—photo EG Daily
2004.001.004 Postcard/Lobby of New Adirondack Hotel, Warrensburg, NY (postcard collection)
2004.001.005 Postcard/Long View, Long Lake, NY (postcard collection)
2004.001.006 Repair shop 1871—photo location unknown

Folder 9
2004.001.007 unknown cemetery—photo names on graves/ Brayton and Robinson
2004.001.008 Sherman House—photo Glens Falls, NY
2004.001.009 Fort William Henry Hotel—photo Lake George/Seneca Ray Stoddard
2004.001.010 The Windsor Hotel—photo copyright 1891, Seneca Ray Stoddard,

Folder 10
2004.001.011 Old Stone Quarry—photo Chestertown, New York
2004.001.012 DeLord House—photo, Plattsburgh, New York
2004.001.013 Hundred Island House—photo Foot of Shelving rock, Lake George
2004.001.014 Fort William Henry II—photo, Grandest of all Lake George Piazzas

Folder 11
2004.001.015 Jack Reardon—photo
2004.001.016 Gertrude Hadlock Home—photo, last name uncertain
2004.001.017 George Reis with his boat—photo, El Lagarto
2004.001.018 Boat—El Lagarto, owned by George Reis

Folder 12
2004.001.019 Norman Burritt (sp. Uncertain), and Aunt Jane, photo
2004.001.020 Fort George—photo, Lake George, NY
2004.001.021 Central House Hotel 1884—photo
2004.001.022 William Paul Bennett 5 mo. Old—photo, July 9, no year

Folder 13
2004.001.023 Sam Englander—Gladys Yale (not sure who he is)
2004.001.024 Mr. Alginon Beach
2004.001.025 Richard L. Bond—(postcard collection box)
2004.001.026 Two boys at Rockwell House—postcard collection box)
2004.001.027 Woman and dog (unknown) – postcard collection box)
2004.001.028 Clothes men 19/20th century—photo, ages 21—70
2004.001.029 Clothes men 19/20th century—photo, ages 21—70

Folder 14
2004.001.030 Clothes women 19/20th century—photo, ages 21—70
2004.001.031 Clothes women 19/20th century—photo, ages 21—70
2004.001.032 Clothes women 19/20th century—photo
2004.001.033 Rosetta Huntington—photo, Millham, Photographer 145 Glen St Glens Falls NY

Folder 15
2004.001.034 Monument Square Glens Falls, NY –photo Taft, Photographer, Myrton Barrons, Luzerne, NY
2004.001.035 Miss Stella (Estilla) Halock—photo
2004.001.036 Baby Bertha May Yarter (niece)—photo
2004.001.037 Norman Bennett (brother of Charles uncle of David)—photo with
woman, possibly wife

Folder 16
2004.001.038 Edna May Duell—Family photo
2004.001.039 Cloths men 19/20th century—photo, ages 21—70
2004.001.040 Cloths women 19/20th century—photo, ages 21—70
2004.001.041 “Farmer Whetting his Scythe,” photo of painting by Long Island Painter William Sydney Mount (1807—1868)
2004.001.042 Stewarts Bridge, Hadley, New York. (postcard collection)
2004.001.043 Hadley D&H Railway Station (postcard collection)
2004.001.044 Frances Gardner Kinnear Museum, Lake Luzerne, New York
(postcard collection)
2004.001.045 Niagara Hudson Power Plant, Sacandaga Reservoir, Conklinville, Saratoga County, New York. (postcard collection)
2004.001.046 Ira Gray (1886-1982) “Adirondack Ike” Forest Ranger, Hunter, Author (postcard collection)
2004.001.047 Sacandaga Reservoir, Sacandaga, New York, Saratoga County, New York (postcard collection)
2004.001.048 Schoolhouse Museum, Lake Luzerne, New York (postcard collection)
2004.001.049 Hadley Parabolic Bridge (Bow Bridge), Saratoga County, New York (postcard collection)
2004.001.050 Health Haven, Deluxe Rest Home, Lake Luzerne, New York (postcard collection)
2004.001.051 Brant Lake, Horicon, New York #55 (postcard collection)
2004.001.052 Brant Lake from Briar Cliff Lodge, Horicon, New York (postcard collection)
2004.001.053 Brant Lake, Horicon, New York (postcard collection)
2004.001.054 Brant Lake, Horicon, New York from Briar Cliff Lodge (postcard collection)
2004.001.055 Calendar – Horicon Historical Society Sesquicentennial 1988. Many photographs of Horicon, Brant Lake and Adirondack. Horicon village, Steamer Evelyn, The Shanty first summer home on Brant Lake Maltbie Family, Captain Austin Ross, Boyd Meade, Central House, Horicon Hotel, Judson Smith, Kennovan Brothers, Adirondack School House, Snake Point, Pebloe Hotel, Philetus Smith, Porter, Estate Boathouse, Barton’s Store, Adirondack Union Church. (calendar collection box)
2004.001.056 Calendar – 1995 Finch Paper “Diner Time” includes Warren County Diners: Main Street Ice Cream Parlor, Chestertown; Prospect Mt. Diner, Lake George; Bill Gates Diner, Blue Mountain Lake; Bolton Diner, Bolton Landing; Ideal Diner, South Street, Glens Falls; Knotty Pine Diner, Lake Luzerne. (calendar collection box)
2004.001.057 Photograph – Photograph of families
2004.001.058 Calendar (Your Post Star Carries 1999) (calendar collection box)
2004.001.059 Booklet of properties of International Paper
2004.001.060 Receipt from Griffin Lumber Co., Sandy Hill, NY, July 26, 1900
2004.001.060A Agreement of purchase of Derby Farm, Fort Ann, NY between Dewitt C Jenkins and Fred Keech, dated May 3, 1898, April 1, 1899
2004.001.060B Chain letter sent out by Mrs. Fred Hall, Queensbury, February 4, 1893, number 12 regarding collection funds for a new Methodist Episcopal church at Lake George, NY.
2004.001.060C Price card for slate (Norton Brothers, Granville, NY 1891)
2004.001.060D Pledge card (Dare to Do Right) Dewitt C Jenkins, witness Abbie Odell, June 29, 1890.
2004.001.060E Receipt from Morning Star. Glens Falls, NY to Dewitt C Jenkins for Star Publishing 1899
2004.001.060F Deposit slip (First National Bank, Glens Falls)to DeWitt C Jenkins dated Nov. 10 1898
2004.001.060G Receipt from Dr. Little and Dr. Horton, 47 Ridge St., Glens Falls for DeWitt C Jenkins, dated December 1899
2004.001.060H Promissary note dated August 8, 1900 in the amount of $64.36 for
3 months, LG Winegar
2004.001.060J Card – “Good Clothing and Furnishings, See Hagen & Cullity, 102 Main Street, Sandy Hill, NY
2004.001.060K Writings, poems, poetry included with DeWitt C Jenkins papers and cards. 2 poems by Addie Emigh (1 poem author unknown)
2004.001.060L Thinking of Old friends; Ring the Bell Softly; I Cannot Sing; Sabbath Eve, Nov 2, 1873
2004.001.060M Newspaper article about DeWitt C Jenkins, no date
2004.001.060N D&H Train Schedule (eff. October 8, 1899)
2004.001.060P Newspaper photo of the fire that destroyed Half Way House and Restaurant. No date

Folder 17
2006.006.001 photo of man playing musical instrument
2006.006.002 5 photos of Traleje Manor House, Bolton, pre 1940’s

edited by Tom Lynch, Collections Manager

(c) 2022. Warren County New York Historical Society.

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Source:   Sheila Satterlee Collection # 23

Warren County NY Historical Society, 50 Gurney Lane, Queensbury, NY 12804

Phone: 518-743-0734

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