Rewind: October 15, 2023 – “Halloween Approaches”

Rewind:  October 15, 2023  “Halloween Approaches”


With Halloween fast approaching, we would like to feature a book found in our Book Store, Haunted Warren County by the late author, David J. Pitkin.

Ghost researcher, David Pitkin, spent untold hours researching the “paranormal” in  Warren County.

Many a surprised new homeowner found that the property they just purchased often came with previous owners still in residence.  One example is the Merrill-Magee House in Warrensburg, now ‘The Bond.’ Previous owners found that Grace Magee still lived in the home and kept an eye on all the goings on from time to time.

Along Beach Road in Lake George, early morning walkers were surprised to see a “Doughboy” in WWI uniform with duffle bag on his shoulder headed away from the rail station of long ago. He silently passed their location within feet, headed, probably, home.

This book is both history and mystery to be enjoyed by residents and visitors, and October is the perfect time to read it.

Over 50 stories:  chapter 1 has 11 stories; chapter 2 has 8 stories; chapter 3 has 6 stories; chapter 4 has 5 stories; chapter 5 has 8 stories; chapter 6 has 11 stories; chapter 7 has 7 stories.  You will recognize many of the places from around Warren County.  Many of the ghosts have names:  Abigail, Old Joe, Emma and Harry.

David Pitkin followed up on over 50 ghost stories from around Warren County.  Four instances of strangers in the building are told about the Chapman Museum.  Stories come from Wiawaka, the Stony Creek Inn, and more.  Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, this book will surely cause you to stop and think about the possibility that they are here.

Happy Halloween!

The back cover:

Haunted Warren County is available in our bookstore.  Although it sells for $17.95, it is on sale at the bookstore for $12.00, and if you mention that you read about it here on ‘Rewind,’ you can have the book for $8.00 plus tax:  $8.56!

We invite you to read the book and than let us know what you think.

Call us at 518-743-0734 to order the book or to tell us what you think.


Column prepared by Kyle Graves for the Warren County Historical Society.


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