Rewind: November 15, 2021 – “New Census Population Figures”

Rewind:  “New Census Population Information”

November 15, 2021



Figures that were gathered during the 2020 census have started to be released.  This map, created by our friends at Warren County GIS, presents population changes in each of the towns and the City of Glens Falls from the 2010 census figures.


A quick look at the figures tells us this:

Johnsburg lost 252 people

Chester lost 269 people

Horicon gained 82 people +

Hague lost 66 people

Thurman lost 124 people

Warrensburg lost 135 people

Bolton lost 314 people

Stony Creek lost 9 people

Lake George lost 13 people

Lake Luzerne lost 268 people

Queensbury gained 1,268 people +

Glens Falls gained 130 people +

In spite of the fact that only 3 of the municipalities gained in population and each of the others lost population, the 2020 census  reported that the county increased its total population by 30 individuals.

2010 Census total population for Warren County 65,707

2020 Census total population for Warren County = 65,737

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