Rewind: May 15, 2023 – “Let’s Go to the Movies!”

Rewind:  May 15, 2023

Let’s Go to the Movies

by Judy Melkonian


          In the 1950’s, your film choices are many, such as the American epic, AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS, the 50’s version starring David Niven, Cantinflas, Robert Newton, and Shirley MacLaine.  For an extraterrestrial sci-fi horror film, INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS should do it, starring Kevin McCarthy and Diana Wynter.  A relaxing musical would be the beautiful KING AND I in Cinema Scope, starring Oscar winner Yul Brenner and co-star Deborah Kerr.  If it is the wide open spaces you prefer, kick off you cowboy boots and set back for the dramatic western GIANT, with Liz Taylor, Rock Hudson, Carol Baker and James Dean.

          Where do we find more entertainment?  The STATE THEATER on Warren Street is featuring BADMEN OF TOMBSTONE, starring Broderick Crawford, Barry Sullivan, and Marjorie Reynolds, and a co-hit with Mickey Rooney and Thomas Mitchell in THE BIG WHEEL, but hurry (the STATE closed in 1953).  The PARAMOUNT on Ridge Street is showing CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN, advertised as the hilarious adventures of a family of twelve, starring Clifton Webb, Jeanne Crain and Myrna Loy.  The RIALTO on Warren Street features THE RED SHOES, a love versus career drama.  The film is based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson, you might need a handkerchief for this one.  The STRAND in Hudson Falls offers a venture to the Orient in MALAYA, starring Spencer Tracy and James Stewart.  The STRAND also offers a cartoon, the latest news reel, and a viewing of “Basketball Headliners of 1950.”


          Drive -Ins are the thing for young and old.  AUST’S OPEN AIR, on Saratoga Road offers a bargain night:  All your car can hold for $1.20.  The film SOPHIA, in Cinecolor, is all about espionage behind the Iron Curtain, and stars Gene Raymond and Ingrid Curie.  A second feature is  a rollicking comedy of fun, CAMPUS HONEYMOON, and there are two cartoons!  The LAKE GEORGE DRIVE-IN on Route 9 offers CORNER CREEK with Randolph Scott and Marguerite Chapman.  There is also a double feature with EAST SIDE KIDS and they offer six cartoons!

          Well folks, my popcorn box is empty.  See you at the movies!

Source:  Judy was reading the May 18, 1950 issue of The Post Star.


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