Rewind: February 1, 2024 – “Round Pond”

Rewind:  February 1, 2024 –

“Round Pond”

     We had a question about Round Pond come into the office recently.  The inquirer asked where Round Pond was,  and what has happened to it?  Their family told them stories about it being a swimming spot when they were growing up, but the questioner couldn’t find the beach they were told about.

     People who are familiar with the bicycle trail, no doubt, are familiar with the site.  There is an interpretive sign at the site.  The marker states the following:

“The small body of water located to the east of this trail has been a popular recreation area over the years.  Glens Falls residents came here by trolley on Sunday afternoons to make use of a large bathing pavilion and casino on the west shore.  In use since 1914 is the fine golf course of the Glens Falls Country Club whose facilities are on the southeast shore.  Brown’s Pond was its early name because of the large number of settlers with that surname.  The neighborhood to the south, today centered on Country Club Road was once called Browntown.”



This photo is also on the marker:


     Today, the area offers parking for people using the bike trail, and the view of the water is now blocked by vegetation.  If you turn onto Round Pond Road, just south of Martha’s Dandee Creme, you will come to a large turn that once was located at the beach area.

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