Rewind: April 15, 2022 – “A Sad Day in Warrensburg”

Rewind:  April 15, 2022

A Sad Day in Warrensburg

The following is a copy of an article that appeared in a September 28, 1939 newspaper.  We took the article out of a scrapbook we found in the Warren County Historian’s Office with no indication from which newspaper it was taken.  The article was copied as it appeared in the article.


Warrensburg Loses Its Pants Factory


Old-Time Industry succumbs to Competition of Larger Manufacturing Concerns


        It was Announced last week by Albert L. Emerson of Warrensburg that the Warrensburg Woolen company, for many years a leading industry in that town would suspend operation of its pants factory Saturday.  Mr. Emerson said that there is a possibility that the plant may be rented to an outside company but that the business will not be conducted further by the Warrensburg company.

        The woolen plant is one of the nineteenth century industries about which the village grew.  It began as a weaving plant for woolen suitings and later the pants factory was erected, the company becoming noted for its heavy work clothing.  Operating at capacity in earlier days the business gave employment to about 200 hands.

        Of late years it became unprofitable to operate the spinning and weaving division in competition with the faster machines of modern industry and that section was closed, the company then purchasing cloth from other companies and confining its activities to the manufacturing of trousers.

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