Militia Records of Asa S. Harris of Queensbury, New York

The militia records of Asa S. Harris consist of two certificates of membership dated 9/8/1841 and 9/21/1842. The 9/8/1841 certificate gives the enlistment record date for Asa S. Harris as 9/6/1841.

A third document provides a formal notice to Asa S. Harris  of monthly meetings scheduled for August and September, 1844. This document also gives notice of an election of officers to be held on 7th August, 1844.


The New York State Militia was organized pursuant to Chapter 45, Laws of of 1793 (16th Session) and continued by Chapter 222 of the Laws of 1818. It was reorganized under Chapters 205 and 290 of the Laws of 1849 and Chapter 477 of the Laws of 1862. This latter act renamed it the National Guard.

Compulsory militia service for adult white males ended in 1846.


Militia Certificate of Asa S. Harris 8 September 1841. 2020.019.018


Militia Certificate of Asa S. Harris 21 Sept. 1842. 2020.019.019


I provide a transcription of the following third document:

Asa S. Harris I warn you to be and appear armed and equip’d as the law directs for company parade at the house of A.D. Pitchers on the tenth day of August inst. at 8 o’clock in the fore noon of that day. Also on the 2d day of Sept next at George Chamberlains at 8 o’clock in the fore noon of said day for parade armed and equip’d as the law directs. I also warn you to officer election on the 7th day of August inst at 2 o’clock P.M. of that day to choose a suitable man to fill the vacancy of G. Hamelton in the 121st Regiment 17th Brigade and 10th Division of Infantry. 

Queensbury 3d Aug. 1844.   

George Hay”


Militia Notice of Monthly Meeting sent to Asa S. Harris of Queensbury, New York. 2020.019.020


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Source: Eleanor Oudekerk Collection # 27 , Warren County NY Historical Society.


Reference: New York State Adjutant General’s Office Organization Rosters of Military Officers. Series 13729.   Box 3 Volume 4 – 1834-1843 10th Division of Infantry comprising the 16th and 17th Brigades. Page 102.