Gaslight Village – “Yesterdays Fun Today”

Lake George businessman Charles R Wood created the Gaslight Village amusement park at Lake George, New York after his success with Storytown USA.

Construction site for Gaslight Village

Construction on the site began in the late 1950’s and the village opened for the 1959 tourist season. The property was located at the foot of Lake George adjacent to the Fort William Henry Hotel.


Construction site of Gaslight Village looking southeast.

A second view of the village construction site taken from the air looking to the southeast. Note the layout for the horse drawn trolley tracks.


Early staff members of Gaslight Village

While the village was under construction a staff had to be assembled. Staff were costumed in Gay 90’s turn-of-the-century outfits befitting the gaslight era of America.


Gaslight Village, Lake George, New York

An early concept drawing of what the village would look like.


Let’s take a tour of the village.


Looking toward the Palace Theater


View along Main Street looking toward the amusement rides.


View looking towards the Opera House.


The Toy Shop and Jason’s Drug Store.


Overlooking the park. and gazebo.


Visitors boarding the horse drawn trolley.


The village was open in the evening and at night,


Early evening at the park. The gaslights are turned on.


Palace Theater and Opera House at night.



Rowdy visitors are hauled off to jail in the paddy wagon.



Amusement rides after dark.


Look at the crowd of cars in the parking lot!


Gaslight Village offered plenty of entertainment and amusement rides for the enjoyment of visitors of all ages: ice shows, vaudeville shows, trained tigers, silent movies, and much, much more..




Gaslight Village was demolished about 30 years after opening. Today we have only fond memories of this unique theme park.

The 15 images presented here are just a small part of The Charles R Wood Digital Photograph Collection which contains 94 images of Gaslight Village. The public is welcome to view the entire collection at the Warren County NY Historical Society, 50 Gurney Lane, Queensbury, NY 12804.


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Source:   The Charles R Wood Digital Photograph Collection #11

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