Dr. Alan Stephenson Collection #01

Dr. Alan Stephenson Collection.

Edited August 22, 2017


Descriptive Summary

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Title: Dr. Alan Stephenson Collection. #001
Creator: Stephenson, Alan

Dates: 1930-2017
Dates: 1755 – 1970; undated Native American items.
Extent: 6.0 boxes (13.5 linear feet)
Collection Number: #1
Repository: Warren County (N.Y.) Historical Society
Abstract: Alan Stephenson (1930-2017) was born in Ballston Spa, NY, the son of Roger and Ethel (Tenney) Stephenson. He earned his Bachelors Degree in History and Masters Degree of Arts from University at Albany (N.Y.) and PhD in Communications from Ohio State University. His last job before he retired was Director of the Graduate Program in Communications Management.

Scope and Content. The Alan Stephenson contains Native American artifacts, early American household items, colonial military items, guide books, local history books, regional tourist ephemera, school house items, estate papers of William P Hartman, and post card collection.


Organization and Arrangement. I. Ephemera: box 1,2,3,5,6  II. Papers: box 4  III. Postcards: Warren County postcard collection box 32.  IV: Oversize items: oversize shelving.


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Description and Box Listing


Box 1


2005.009.033 Letter opener King Hendrick and Sir William Johnson Battle Monument                    Lake George

2007.002.001  Stoneware

2007.002.002  Stoneware

2007.002.003  Stoneware

2007.002.004  Stoneware

2007.002.005  Stoneware

2007.002.006  Axe head, stone, large

2007.002.007  Axe head, stone, small

2007.002.008  Arrowhead, small

2007.002.009  Arrowhead, large

2007.002.010  Scraper

2008.029.023  Straight razor

2008.030.005  Primitive cookie cutter

2008.030.006  Early hair crimping iron

2008.030.008  Medium washboard

2008.030.011  Vegetable masher

2008.030.012  Egg slicer

2008.030.013  Wooden forks

2008.030.014  Metal vegetable grapper

2008.030.017  Six inch circular lunch bucket with top

2008.030.018  Crock small (6″ diameter, 5″ tall)


Box 2


Cannonball 2.25 inch diameter, weighing 6 lbs. Likely found underwater due to pitting on ball. 2005.009.041

2005.009.041  Small cannon ball

2005.009.042  One large military button and two small

2005.009.043  Musket balls one large and two small

2005.009.044  Copper halfpenny King George II English

2006.050.001  Chewed musket ball

2006.050.002  Candle holders and bullet mold

2008.030.004  Fire heated pressing iron

2008.030.009  Carpenter’s scriber

2008.030.010  Inkwell

2008.030.012  Cotton scales

2008.030.021  French and Indian War iron tomahawk excavated in upstate New York


Leather shot pouch. 2008.030.022

2008.030.022  Leather shot pouch


Colonial bayonet found near Fort Ticonderoga. 2008.030.023

2008.030.023  Colonial Bayonet (old no mark ht.879) found near Fort Ticonderoga

2008.030.024  One hundred and twenty 35mm slides of Warren and Washington counties

2008.030.025  Wooden plane

2008.030.026  Sausage stuffer

2008.030.002  Wooden barrel spigot

2008.030.003  Dual-blade food chopper

2008.030.007  Single blade food chopper


Box 3


2008.030.019  Crabapple jelly squeezer

2008.030.027  Storytown Mug Lake George

2008.030.028  Water glass from Scaroon manor, Schroon Lake New York

2008.030.029  Plate from Brown Swan Club, Schroon Lake, New York

2007.030.030  Wood scoop

2008.030.031  Clamp-on skates


Box 4


2004.003.001-116  Collection of Estate Papers –Deeds, Mortgages and Wills

2005.005.002  Page from Guide Book—Million Dollar Beach advertisement

2005.005.003  Page from Guide Book—Lakeshore Court advertisement

2005.005.004  Page from Guide Book—Mohican advertisement

2005.005.005  Page from Guide Book—ESSO station advertisement

2005.009.018  Page from Guide Book Diamond Point NY

2005.009.019  Page from Guide Book Fort George woodcut


Frontier Town Flyer.   2005.009.020

2005.009.020  Frontier Town Flyer

2005.009.027  Page from Guide Book (Warren County Airport and Cooper’s Cave GF)

2005.009.028  Postcard book, Mother Goose and Storytown, Lake George, NY

2005.009.030  Schedule the Lake George Steamboat Service (1936)


Nelsons Guide to Lake George and Lake Champlain. London. 1858. 2005.009.032

2005.009.032  Nelson’s Guide to Lake George and Lake Champlain

2005.009.034  Book Fort Ticonderoga Sketches of Fort Ticonderoga and Vicinity

2005.009.047  Officers Patch, Warren County Sheriff’s Department

2005.020.003  Lake George in history—historical map of the Lake George Region

2006.001.003  One Lake George Steamboat Co. Stock Certificate

2006.001.004  Lake George Sightseeing Trip “Ellide” by Capt. W.W. Burton advert.

2006.012.001  Merchants & Manufacturers Financial Condition for Warren Co. NY 1902

2006.021.001  Menu Scaroon Manor on Schroon Lake

2006.005.001  Posson’s Guide Lake George and Lake Champlain, Adirondacks, 1888

2006.062.001  Indenture for Job and Rachel Wilcox and Charles Smily (411/35)

2006.020.001  “A summer paradise” Delaware and Hudson Railroad booklet

2007.022.002  Harper’s Publications vol. VII no. 38 (pages 161-176)

2007.022.005  Guide of Lake George, Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks. 1921.


Box 5


2008.029.001  Child’s slate and pencil

2008.029.002  Child’s book strap

2008.029.003  School bell

2008.029.004  Wooden skates

2008.029.007  Candle holder

2008.029.008  Candle mould

2008.029.009  Finger lamp

2008.029.025  Recording cylinder


Box 6


2008.029.010  Fireplace cook-pot

2008.029.011  Fireplace fork

2008.029.012  Food masher

2008.029.013  Cornbread pan

2008.029.014  Lemon press

2008.029.017  Wooden bowl and paddle

2008.029.020  Sheep shears

2008.029.021  Carding brushes

2008.029.022  Sickle


WCHS Collections Oversize Box 1


2005.009.045  Book—America: Her Grandeur and Her Beauty

2007.022.003  Gleason’s Pictorial vol. III, no. 15 entire no. 67, 10/09/1852


View of the Town of Caldwell, New York c.1850. Gleason’s Pictorial, Oct. 16, 1852. p. 249 2007.022.004

2007.022.004  Gleason’s Pictorial vol. III, no. 16 entire no. 68, 10/16/1852

(includes view of the town of Caldwell (Lake George), New York



2008.030.001  Early Butter Firkin (12×12)


 Alan Stephenson Postcard Collection filed in Warren County Historical Society Postcard Collection #32


2005.005.007  Indian Village, Lake George, NY postcard

2005.005.008  Lake George, NY Scene on Bolton Road (1907) postcard

2005.005.009  Lake Luzerne, NY Adirondack Mountains postcard

2005.005.010  Queensbury Inn, Queensbury, NY postcard

2005.005.011  The Georgian, Lake George, NY postcard

2005.009.001  Kattskill Bay, Lake George NY, postcard

2005.009.002  Drive at Hague on Lake George, NY postcard

2005.009.003  Split Rock, Hague on Lake George, NY postcard

2005.009.004  The Narrows, Hundred Islands and Tongue Mountain, Lake George, NY

2005.009.005  Souvenir of Lake George, NY postcard

2005.009.006  Fort William Henry Hotel of the Lake, Lake George, NY postcard

2005.009.007  Upper Ridge Street, Glens Falls, NY postcard

2005.009.008  Hotel Willard, Rockhurst on Lake George, NY

2005.009.009  The Pines along the Shore, Lake George, NY postcard

2005.009.010  Canada Street, Lake George, NY postcard

2005.009.011  Hague, Lake George, NY postcard

2005.009.012  Scenic Lake George, NY postcard

2005.009.013  Frontiertown Essex County, NY postcard

2005.009.014  Frontier Town Essex County, NY postcard

2005.009.015  Frontier Town (Gaggle of Geese)

2005.009.016  Frontier  Town (Country Store)

2005.009.017  Frontier Town (The Marshall with the Drill Sergeant)


Looking towards Rockhurst from Trout Pavilion, Lake George, NY. 2005.009.021

2005.009.021  Looking from Rockhurst from Trout, Lake Pavilion, Lake George (1908)

2005.009.022  Ghost Town and Jungle Land postcard

2005.009.023  Dome Island at Bolton on Lake George, NY postcard

2005.009.024  View of the Falls, Glens Falls, NY postcard


Bloomer Mountain, Lake George from Sabbath Day Point. 2005.009.025

2005.009.025  Bloomer Mountain, Lake George from Sabbath Day Point postcard

2005.009.026  Warren County Airport Glens Falls, NY (1979)

2005.009.029  Cooper’s Cave from inside Glens Falls, NY postcard

2005.009.031  Private mailing card, The Worden, Lake George, postcard

2005.009.035  Rose Cottage, Wiawaka, Lake George, NY postcard

Delaware & Hudson Station, Lake George, NY in 1898. 2005.009.036

2005.009.036  D&H Station at Lake George June 1916 postcard

2005.009.037  Hidden Valley “Dude” Ranch, Lake Luzerne, NY postcard

2005.009.038  The Bridge at Luzerne and Hadley looking North (August 18, 1918)

2005.009.039  Lake Luzerne Inn, Luzerne NY (August 30, 1925)

2005.009.040  Hull of Benedict Arnold’s Warship “The Revenge” Fort Ticonderoga (1927)

2005.009.046  New Fort William Hotel and Prospect Mountain

2005.020.001  Road Between Hague and Baldwin Lake George, NY postcard

2005.020.002  The Hudson River and Champlain Canal, near Glens Falls postcard

2009.026.001  “Grace Memorial Chapel” Sabbath Day Point, Lake George, NY postcard


Located in Map Case (not cataloged yet)


2007.001  United States Geological Society maps

2007.048  1829 Map of the County of Warren, surveyor general




2009.026.002  Antique Wooden Yarn Winder

2015.010.001  1932 Flexible Flyer Arline Pilot No. 41 Sled Planet Jr Anniversary Zephyr


Framed item from Collection on display


2005.005.001  Warren County Map ca. 1910


edited by Tom Lynch, Collections Manager

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Source: Dr. Alan Stephenson Collection. # 001

Warren County NY Historical Society, 50 Gurney Lane, Queensbury, NY 1280