Civil War Era Letter

Civil War Era Letter from O.D. Vaughn of Ballston Spa, New York to Asa S. Harris of Queensbury, New York. Letter is in regards to settlement of an estate. In the letter, O.D. Vaughn mentions that he and his wife Emily attended the Inauguration of President Lincoln on March 4, 1865. They spent six days in Washington, D.C. and attended the President’s public reception. They also crossed over to Virginia and went to the house of General Lee.

Letter from O.D. Vaughn to Asa S. Harris dated April 1, 1865. 2020.019.032


Letter from O.D. Vaughn to Asa S. Harris, dated April 1, 1865. 2020.109.032


Letter from O.D. Vaughn to Asa S. Harris, dated April 1, 1865. 2020.019.032


 Transcript of Letter.


Ballston Spa April 1, 1865

Asa S. Harris, Esq.

Dr. Brother yours of 31st came duly to hand containing draft for which I enclose receipt. Accept my thanks for prompness [sic] in which you attended the matter for it enables me to fill my engagements when men are so promp [sic] with me and I think you and myself quite alike in regard to doing such things without delay. I heard that you were drafted before I got your letter and was sorry but it seems you have not got to go & I hope and think the Rebbels [sic] have got about enough and must soon come down, an event we would hail with delight but if they have not yet got enough let them try Father Abraham & Gen. Grant a short time longer and I think they will be fully satisfied, don’t you think so.

Myself and Em went to Washington the fourth of March to see the Inauguration, staid [sic] in Washington about six days. Saw the President a number of times, was at the White House at the President’s public reception and such a crowd you never saw, went to the great public Ball, and there saw the bigg [sic] men a great many of them.

Went over into Virginia to the House where the Rebel Gen. Lee lived, looked over his place. I tell you it was all together a great sight to us and we enjoyed it very much.

We are quite disappointed that you & wife did not come down this Spring, have looked for you for days. You must not forget to come. You wished to know where the Note of yours is that Father had. I have never seen it but I think Halsey has got it with the rest of Father’s papers. Halsey is the Executor of Father’s will and has all papers and he is at Sandy Hill.

Our kindest Regards to yourself, your wife, Aurora & the rest of your family.

O.D. Vaughn

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Source: Eleanor Oudekerk Collection # 27 , Warren County NY Historical Society.


Note: Orville Dibble Vaughn (1820 – 1906) and wife Emily A. Tourtelotte Vaughn (1823 – 1915) are buried in Ballston Spa, NY  Village Cemetery.