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September 1, 2017



The following article is copied from the June 12, 1936 issue of The Post Star.  While parts of the paper were fragile and edges missing, it is copied here as it could be interpreted.





A drawing of the new Jackson Heights school that appeared with the attached article in The Post Star in 1936.




Glens Falls has a new school coming to replace the old Ridge Street School.

“Excellent Scenic View is Available from School”

It is subheaded:

“New Jackson Heights Building is Located at a Vantage Point Providing Unobstructed Scenes of Surrounding Territory”


The story continues:


     The Jackson Heights School, now being constructed to replace the Ridge Street School, will be at a vantage point for scenic interest on account of the elevation of the land.  There will be an excellent view from the school of West Mountain to the west, of Pilot Knob to the north, and of the Green Mountains to the east.

General Description

     The building is colonial in type, the exterior walls will be faced brick of varied colors and backed with common brick or concrete to meet the various conditions.  The interior piers, partitions, and so on will be constructed of fireproof material.  The exterior trim set in or on the exterior walls of the building will be of Indiana limestone.

     The first floor construction will be of reinforced concrete, the second floor of fireproof construction if the so-called “steel-joist” type.  The windows generally will be of the austral wood.  All roofing used will be composition roofing for flat roof and copper for pitched roof.  The room floors will have mastic tile floor over the smooth finish cement.  All the toilets and showers will have tile floors, base and wainscoting.  All wood floors will be maple.

Layout of the Building

     The main axis of the school runs north and south.  This arrangement affords the opportunity to provide for light from either the east or west in every classroom.  There are twenty classrooms and an auditorium.  Most of the classrooms might be classed as regular whereas others are known as special.

Typical Classrooms

     The regular classroom is approximately 30 feet by 22 to which is attached, through an archway the pupils wardrobe.  This wardrobe alcove provides hooks for the children’s wraps, an umbrella rack, a drink fountain, lavatory, and an open bookcase with magazine rack.  The classroom proper is adequately supplied with shelves and drawers for the storage of supplies and equipment.  The blackboards, bulletin boards, work tables, and other pieces of equipment have been designed and used to the best advantage from an educational standpoint.  Each room is heated by steam radiation and ventilated by univents.

Special Rooms

     (The) kindergarten room has an attractive bay window, fireplace, and children’s lockers.  The room, together with supply rooms, is practically the size of two ordinary classrooms.

     The handicapped children’s room is approximately the size of two classrooms, has a storage room for wheelchairs, a couch for the pupils, a large bay window, and is equipped with a folding partition.  This partition will make it possible to divide the class into two groups so that one group may be taking regular class work while the other group is resting or taking corrective exercise.

     The music room is well supplied with cupboards for the storage of music and musical instruments.  In one end of the room there is a platform twelve inches high separated from the main room by a curtain.  This room will be used also for dramatics and public speaking.

     Pupils who carry their lunch and the Parent-Teacher Association will find the lunch room well adapted to their needs.  It will have a range, a well equipped work table, refrigerator, sink, a drain board and a display counter.  There will be chairs and table in this room to take care of about thrity people.

     The elementary science room is supplied with a large demonstration table equipped with hot and cold water, electrical outlets, metal plant boxes, picture screen, small dark room for photography, and a small supply room.

     The entire north side of the general activities room is given over to cupboard space for the storage of materials in connection with the work in this room.  The east bay window is supplied with sewing machines and the west side with manual training benches for wood work and tables and other materials for clay modeling.  The room is designed to be helpful to all pupils in various kinds of hand work.

     The library is well supplied with open book shelves and storage cabinets and other accessories necessary for the school as a whole.

     In addition to the above mentioned special rooms there are, of course, the principal’s office, medical inspection unit, boys’ locker room and shower, girls’ locker room and shower, and teachers’ room.


     The auditorium faces the west, or extension of Sagamore Street, and is 46 feet by 66 feet plus a stage 46X22 feet.  In this room the regular gymnasium work of the school and the assembly periods will take place.  It will seat approximately 500 people, the chairs will be moveable in type and will be stored on trucks beneath the stage when not is use.

     On the whole the building will be exceedingly artistic in appearance and well adapted for a modern educational program.

Jackson Heights school as it appears today.



View from the east


View from the east looking north

Jackson Heights School was built over 80 years ago.  At the time of construction, it is obvious they were taking modern educational thinking into consideration.  In eighty years the building has seen many pupils, teachers, administrators and changes in educational philosophy.


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