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July 15, 2017



The Nurses’ Residence at Westmount,

Warren County Historical Society’s New Home


     The Warren County Historical Society recently moved into new quarters.  They are now located in what was called the Nurses’ Residence on the Westmount Infirmary site.

     The Westmount Health Facility traces its history back to 1910 when the Warren county Board of supervisors were urged to establish a county tuberculosis hospital.  The board recognized the need for such a facility and began a search for the location.

     It wasn’t until 1916 that the board authorized the purchase of the farmsteads of Charles Codner and Haviland G. Titus on Gurney Lane in the Town of Queensbury at a price of $4,500.00 each.

     In 1922, after receiving state approval, an architectural firm from New York City and a construction company from Palmyra, NY was selected to design and build the hospital.

     Two additional buildings on the property, the superintendent’s cottage and a nurses’ residence, were designed by local architect M. L. Crandall.

     Westmount celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1953, and at the time of the celebration, it was noted that advances in medical science had done much to render the disease of tuberculosis nearly obsolete.  Rising costs and a sharp decline in the stricken population were responsible for the Board of Supervisors decision to close the TB hospital,

     With the closing of the hospital, Westmount continued to focus on TB care and prevention, but the facility was turned over to the Warren County Department of Public Welfare for use as a county infirmary and nursing home.  On November 30, 1957 Westmount Tuberculosis Hospital was no longer.  The name was changed to just ‘Westmount.’

     In 1973, talks and planning began to build a new infirmary on the Gurney Lane site, and once the new facility was finished (1981), the old infirmary was used for offices by the county.

     When the Nurses’ residence was no longer needed, that building, too, was used for county offices.  When the new Human Services building was built next to the Warren County Municipal complex, the Nurses’ Residence remained vacant, used occasionally for drills by the sheriff’s department.

     For several years, talks were held by the Warren County Facilities Committee and the historical society until an agreement was reached in 2017.


1910 – request to establish a tuberculosis hospital

1919 – Plans were state approved and land was purchased

1926 – Resolution #70 by the Warren County Board of supervisors approved the plans and specification for a Nurses’ Home and a Superintendent’s (Dr.’s) Residence to be use in connection with operating the Tuberculosis Hospital of Warren County.

Resolution #83 of the same year authorized hiring a Superintendent of Construction for the nurses’ residence and superintendent’s home, not to exceed a salary of $25.00 a week.

October 31, 1928 – A report of the Board of Managers for the Westmount Sanatorium stated that the Nurses’ Home and cottage for the Superintendent were completed at a cost of $32,542.15.

1942 – Both the Nurses’ Residence and the Superintendent’s house were converted from oil to coal for heat.

1940 – The Board of Supervisors authorized repainting of the Nurses’ Residence.

1953 – Reports indicated that exterior repairs, alterations at the Nurses’ Residence with redecorating and refurnishing were completed.

1981 – A new facility was opened and both the old infirmary and the Nurses’ Residence were transformed for use as county offices.

2010 – The original building was torn down.



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