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Compiled by Bob Bayle


 In reading histories of Glens Falls, I have always been intrigued by the number of businesses that were located along the area that makes up Glen Street hill. The area stretches from the Hudson River bank north to the top of Glen Street hill. At one time, the lower part of this stretch was referred to as “under the hill”. It was a neighborhood of many rooming places and saloons meant primarily to accommodate those employed on the boats that plied the Feeder Canal and those who transported the goods to and from the canal boats. It was a very rough area.

The first city directory that listed the businesses in the area was Stoddard and Spencer’s Glens Falls Business Directory of 1874. This was quite a few years after the notorious times of that stretch of Glen Street, but as you will see, it still had its share of saloons and boarding places. By this time period, a variety of businesses catering to the people of Glens Falls had opened here and it is interesting to see where the owners lived. I have included that information as it was given in the 1874 directory. I went through the directory and made the following list of the properties that occupied Glen Street up to number 100. I have included whatever information was presented in the directory.


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Glen Street East Side:

1  Glens Falls Co., Grist mill
17  Zina S. Ogden, Blacksmith
21  Glens Falls Lime Co., Lime & lumber Manufacturing
31  Mrs. Lord  Resides at 31 Glen St.
33  Dix & Knox, Founders & machinists. J. L. Dix & William Knox, both iron founders.  J. L. resides at 77 Ridge St. and William at 13 Elm St.
43  William Gokey, Barber
43  McRae & McCaw, Shoemakers. John McRae & Andrew McCaw  John resides at 1 Spring St. & Andrew at 3 Nelson St.
45  George French, Saloon
47  Daniel Murphy, Saloon
53  Timothy Quinlan & William Hogan, Carpenters  Both board at 61 West St.
55  Alex Welcome, Shoemaker  Resides at 57 Glen St.
57  Mrs. Alex Welcome, Dressmaker  Resides at 57 Glen St.
57  Mitchell Lee, Saloon
59  George Champlin, Leather dealer  Resides at 3 School St.
61  Gourley & Carpenter, Butchers. Andrew Gourley & Ira Carpenter  Andrew resides at 47 Bay St. & Ira at 2 Center St.
65  George White, Clerk  Boards at 65 Glen St.
65  Baker & Pratt restaurant, R. F. Baker
65  Hiram Millard, Cook
           67-69  Music Hall, M. W. Amer, agent
69  M. W. Amer, Harnessmaker  Resides at 45 Maple St.
73  Flavel B. Coolidge, Clothier  Boards at 114 Glen St.
73  Daniel O. Leary, Merchant  Resides at 8 Cherry St.
75  M. Mendelson, Clothing  Resides at 8 Berry St.
77  John H. Quinlan, Laundry  Resides at 14 Mechanic St.
77  Reuben Peck, Druggist  Resides at 12 Washington St.
77  Charles M. Mott & Isaac Mott, Lawyers  Charles boards at 13 Maple St. and Isaac resides at 13 Maple St.
79  J. F. Ferguson, Fruits  He is a widower.
81  George Loop, Barber
83  Pearsall & Coolidge, Merchant tailors, corner of Glen & Warren Sts. A. J. Pearsall  A. J. resides at 42 Ridge St.
           85-87  Peck & DeLong, Grocers. Corner of Glen & Ridge Sts.           Henry F. Peck & Cutler J. DeLong  Henry boards at 64 Warren St., Cutler resides at 14 Bay St.
87.5  Charles F. Everest & Co., Billiards  Resides at 39 Bay St.
87.5  E. D. Harris, Lawyer  Resides at 6 Culvert St.
89  Crittenden & Cowles, Staionery & fancy goods. Benjamin S.  Cowles, Bookseller; Horace S. Crittenden, Bookseller  Benjamin resides at 30 Bassy St, Horace at 30 Maple St.
91  Hartman & Freeman, Boots & shoes. Ezra Hartman, Shoemaker  Ezra resides at 32 Elm St.
93  George Broughton, Saloon at rear  Resides at 11 School St.
93  Conery & Hicks, Brewers, George Conery and W. W. Hicks  Conery resides at 80 South St.; Hicks at 26 Bay St.
95  Hearstell Colvin, Furniture dealer
99  Sherman, Cameron & Mills, Dealers in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, crockery, etc. Charles Cameron, Edward Mills Charles resides at 145 Glen St. & Edward  at 13 Bacon St.
99  Holman & Sherman, Brick manufacturers  Office in this building
99 Dennis McLoughlin, Cutter, upstairs

Glen Street West Side:

16  M. J. Collins, Saloon
18  Peter E. Lapoint, Saloon
22  New Hall House  Corner of Canal St..  Merchant H. Bitely, proprietor; Melville Bitely, policeman, resides there.
22  Frank Griffin, Miller  Boards at 22 Glen St.
22  George S. Ingalls  Boards at New Hall House
22  James Keating, Stone cutter  Boards at New Hall House
22  James B. King, Saloon
22  Frank Lucas, Cigarmaker  Boards at 22 Glen St. ()New Hall House)
22  J. R. Robinson, Painter  Resides at 22 Glen St. (New Hall House)
22  George W. Sloan, Filer  Boards at 22 Glen St. (New Hall House)
28  T. M. Brown & Co.  Meat market
           34-36  Jeremiah McCarty & John Mc Loughlin, Blacksmiths  John boards at 36 Glen St.
36  Ellen Mc Carty  Resides at 36 Glen St.
50  Duncan McGregor  Residence at 50 Glen St.
50  James N. Sprott, Farmer  Boards at 50 Glen St.
58  M. Curran & P. Hoctor, Marble workers  Located at the corner of Glen & Park Sts. Curran boards at 1 Park St. and Hoctor boards at 1 Park St.
64  Martin Snyder, Confectioner  Resides at 19 Pine St.
66  H. A. Howard, Lawyer
68  L. P. Juvet, Jeweler
70  Mary A. Jenkins, Dressmaker
72  Glens Falls National Bank  W. A. Wait, Cashier
72  J. S. Garrett, Dentist  Resides at 9 Washington St.
74  P. H. Corey, Millinery & Dress Goods  Residence 8 Church St.
74  George R. Harris, Insurance & Real Estate  Resides at 34 Maple St.
88  F. L. R. Chapin, Physician  Boards at 2 Oak St.
88  George Dunham, Telegraph operator
88  Glens Falls Stage Co., office  E. Putnam, Superintendent
88  Daniel B. Ketchum, Insurance Agent & County Supt. Of  Schools. Theodore S. Ketchum, Insurance agent  Daniels resides at 8 Elm St., Theodore boards at 8 Warren St.
90  George G. & George K. Hawley – merchants and dealers in fowls  Both reside on Park Place
90  Stowell B. Whitney & Co., Merchants,  Boots, shoes & rubbers  Stowell boards at 14 Harlem St.
92  Stephen D. Hopkins, Druggist,                        drugs & medicines in large stock.  Resides at 26 Warren St.
92  Meredith B. Little, General insurance agent  Resides at 64 Warren St.
94  DeLong & Sons, Hardware  Theodore S. DeLong, resides at 146 Glen St. Zopher I. DeLong, resides at 145 Glen St.
96  John W. Benson, Dentist  Residence at 3 Notre Dame St.
96  Freligh Brothers, Dealers in dry goods, millinery, carpets, etc.  J. A. Freligh resides at 14 Washington St.
98  Glens Falls Republican, (Democratic)  Weekly newspaper
98  H. M. Harris, Printer  Resides at 49 Warren St.
98  Haviland & Ferris, Druggist & Chemists  Roger F. Haviland, resides at 163 Glen St.        George M. Ferris, boards at 13 Bay St.
100  Coolidge & Lee, Merchants  Jonathan M. Coolidge, residence 7 Church St. Thomas S. Coolidge, Lime Manufacturing with office at 100 Glen St., residence at 12 Elm St.
100  George Irish, Photographer  Third floor

The data on the following pages lists the occupants of the buildings along Glen Street in the area enclosed by the rectangle seen on the map on the previous page. As a reference point, the circled number 9 is the New Hall House at 22 Glen Street, which today would be the Northwest corner of Glen and Mohican Streets. The circled number 10 is not listed in the directory, but is identified on the map legend as the Dix Brothers Foundry. As you can see, it occupies much of the area where the Civic Center now stands.

At the bottom of the rectangle is the old covered bridge over the Hudson River that lasted until 1890. To the right of that are the lumber yards of the Glens Falls Company, a forerunner of Finch Pruyn. The intersection at number 9 shows West Canal Street going off to the left, today that is Mohican Street, and to the right is Canal Street, today’s Oakland Avenue. Continuing up the hill on the left there is pretty much open space where Sawyer’s is today. On the right is the no longer existing Berry Street that was located about where the entrance to the Civic Center is now. Park Street, as you can see, is just about opposite Berry Street. Berry Street was named for Sidney Berry, whose home was nearly at the top of the hill opposite that street. Many of the buildings on the left of Glen Street were built after the fire of 1864 and are still there today except for the Rockwell House which was on the curve in Glen Street at the fountain. The fountain occupies the square where Centennial Circle is today. The buildings on the right side of Glen Street were torn down in the 1960’s during Urban Renewal to make way for development.

© March 1  2014, Warren County Historical Society

Prepared for Warren County Historical Society by Bob Bayle, January 2014.

Photo and charts courtesy Bob Bayle.



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