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Camp Mohican – at “one of the most beautiful spots in the world”

            The 100th Anniversary of Camp Mohican was celebrated in 2009 at a small gathering hosted by Ken and Enid Engler.  Camp Mohican, founded in 1909 by Charles C. Batchelor, was located at the north end of Forest Bay.  Clues at the site as to the camp’s existence are “Camp Mohican” etched in the concrete where a flag pole had been erected and two bolts embedded in the rocks at the shoreline that were the fasteners for a diving platform.  Enid and daughter Karen when in an antique shop found another clue.  They ran across a copy of an old ad that had run in a 1920 Harper’s Magazine.  The advertisement read “Camp Mohican.  Hague-on-Lake George.”


Camp Mohican near Hague, New York


Though the camp only survived into the mid-1920’s, members of the Batchelor family still reside in Hague and were pleased to join the celebration of the anniversary.  They brought with them a number of interesting artifacts that had long been stored in an old trunk in the attic of their cottage.  They also brought a booklet written about the lives of Charles Bronk Batchelor (1878-1968) and his wife Elsie (1886-1968).

The booklet tells us that Charles Batchelor was a gym teacher at Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn and in 1909 he started a boys summer camp on “rented land at Indian Kettles Point on Lake George, one of the most beautiful spots in the world.”  Batchelor had “built tent platforms, a kitchen and large roofed dining porch, a high-diving tower and boat-house at the water’s edge, an ice-house, and other outhouses.”  The booklet’s author, Ruth Batchelor Allen, remembers, “eating on that dining porch . . . the unequalled deliciousness of the lemon sherbet and real vanilla ice-cream that came from Ticonderoga.”  There were about forty campers “plus counselors, cooks and a handful of wives and little children.”  The Batchelors sold the camp in the 20’s not long after their small son drowned in the shallow water near the shoreline.


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Article and photo courtesy of Pat McDonough, President of Hague Historical Society.


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