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July 15, 2012

Time Town!


Once, Circa 1970 – 1981 there was a theme park high on Coolidge Hill Road in Bolton. This was known as Time Town!” Time Town was the creation of Albany businessman Ted Yund. Why did this project develop in that location? Well, seems Mr. Yund had a 21 inch telescope which required a dark mountain top for best results. Once the telescope was installed Mr. Yund soon decided to create a theme park.


A key person in the theme park‘s creations was sculptor-artist Gene Mundell. One of this artist’s creations was the astronaut statues shown in the accompanying photograph. Mr. Mundell remained in the area once the park was completed.


The keynote for Time Town was a visit by Dr. Wernher von Braun to dedicate the Apollo Astronaut statue. A large crowd was hoped for but about 500 turned out. Dr. von Braun was up to the task and the astronaut statue was properly dedicated. He reportedly gave a speech about United States – Soviet Union relations.


Time Town had rides, futuristic and historic themes such as the cave man, the train or the space ship with the strange caves with “Martians.” There were puppet shows and lots of “critters of the Adirondacks,” students in costume to entertain families. Pictures often show mostly children as the visitors. The park had numerous geodesic buildings as well as various statues such as a bear and a giant Neanderthal.


Other features were a snack bar, picnic grounds, magic shows and ventriloquist acts. There was a train ride, car rides, the telescope, a merry-go-round and a very prescient water slide.


The attraction closed in 1981 following death of a son as well as due to low attendance. The latter was attributed to the location being too far from the main tourist attractions.


Mr. Yund was father of 14 children and a successful pre-press business in the Albany area, thus he had large family to assist with Time Town. Ted Yund attended Notre Dame, graduated at Sienna and served in the U.S. Marine Corps during WWII as a 1st Lieutenant. He was awarded the Purple Heart medal.


He passed away in September 2007. Theodore J. Yund is interred in the Gerald B. H. Solomon Cemetery in the Town of Saratoga.


Ted Yund, World War Two


Ted Yund: Later in Life










The sculpture that brought Dr. Wernher von Braun to Bolton!







Time Town Train


The Water Fountain


Outer Space?













Huge Slide!










Entrance & Telescope Observatory



Horseless Carriage & Observatory



“The Giant”

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