Warren County’s First Census:

Queensbury in 1790


 The following material was put together by Judge John Austin and appears in the first chapter of Warren County (New York):  It’s People and Their History Over Time, published by the Warren County Historical Society in 2009.  Mr. Austin wrote the first chapter in that text.


     Queensbury in 1790 included all of what would eventually become Warren County.  Following is the list of residents in 1790 in the order they were recorded in the Federal Census.  The heads of households were the only individual names recorded, and most of them were men.  There is only one that we can be sure was female, Catherine Cramer.  Following the name of the head of the household are three columns:  the first number indicates Males 16 years of age and older; the second number indicates Males under 16 years of age; the third column indicates the number of Females in the household.  Names in parentheses may be alternative spellings for the name listed).

     It is interesting to note that one household in the county had a slave at the time.  The slave was the property of John Thurman, for whom the Town of Thurman was eventually named.  [You can find out more information about John Thurman in three other Rewinds:   June 7, 2010; October 16, 2014; and July 15, 2015].

       John Austin notes that most of the 143 heads of household can be identified, and many have descendants alive today.  It is apparent that the census taker began in what is now Queensbury and Glens Falls, then focused on what is now Lake Luzerne, Lake George, Thurman, Johnsburg, Chester, Warrensburg, Stony Creek, and Bolton, in that order.  The handwriting in the census is consistent, indicating that one person made the record.

     Former Judge and County Historian John Austin then attempted to suggest where each of these households was located in the county.  Note that ‘Caldwell’ refers to Lake George.

Baldwin, Amos                 1-1-2    Queensbury

Buck, David                       1-2-4    Queensbury

Higgison, James              1-1-3    Lower Ridge Rd., Queensbury


Martin, Henry                  3-1-3    Queensbury; Smith p. 392

Wilcox, Isaac                    1-3-4   Queensbury


Barns, Charles                  2-0-3

     (may be Brown)

Ogden, Gilbert                  3-3-4    West Mt., Queensbury

Pitcher, Jonathan           3-2-5    Queensbury

Hening, Elias                    1-1-3

Fairchild, Azor                 1-2-5    West Mt., Queensbury


Eglestone, John               1-3-3    Gurney Lane, Queensbury

Eglestone, Zebulon         1-1-1    Gurney Lane, Queensbury

Herrington, Barzilla       1-1-1    Queensbury


Brown, Benedict              2-0-2    Country Club Rd., Queensbury

Bush, Peregrim                 1-1-1

Brown, Howgel                 1-2-5    Country Club Rd., Queensbury

Brown, Silas                      1-2-3    Country Club Rd., Queensbury

Burk, Ebenezer                 1-2-3    Queensbury


Sweet, Benoni                   1-2-3    Queensbury

Briggs, Walter                   1-0-0    Upper Glen St., Queensbury

Furman, John                   3-5-5   ?Thurman

Doty, Isaac                         2-6-4    Caldwell

Grover, Enos                     2-2-5    Johnsburg

Henington, Jeremiah    1-3-4   Johnsburg


Grover, Nehemiah           1-4-3    Johnsburg

Caswell, Reuben               1-0-1    Queensbury


Scribner, Jared                 1-1-2    ?Scribner’s Falls, Luzerne

Hepburn, Joseph             1-0-3    Queensbury

Howard, David                 1-4-4

Wing, Benjn                       1-1-3    Glens Falls

Wing, Abraham                1-1-5    Glens Falls

Bennet, Willm                  1-3-3

Ferris, James                   2-0-3    South Queensbury

Ferris, Warren                1-4-3    Queensbury

Varney, Nathl                   1-2-3    Queensbury

Buck, John                        1-1-4    Queensbury

Lapham, Stephen           2-1-7    Haviland Rd., Queensbury

Stevenson, Stephen        2-1-4    Sunnyside Rd., Queensbury

Seely, David                      1-2-2    Queensbury

Seely, Justin                     1-0-1    Bay Rd., Queensbury

Fuller, Edward                 1-1-1    Queensbury

Brown, Valentine            1-1-5    Glen Lake, Queensbury

Brown, Justin                   1-2-6    Queensbury


Pettis, James                     1-1-6    Queensbury

Kelsey, John                      1-1-0

Fuller, Nathl                      1-4-3    Queensbury

Fuller, Ebenezer              1-1-2    Queensbury

Fuller, Ebenezer Jr.       1-2-3    Jenkinsville, Queensbury

Fuller, Benjn                     1-2-3    Queensbury

Folger, Elisha                    1-2-2    Haviland Rd., Queensbury

Roberts, Willm                   1-2-3    Haviland Rd., Queensbury


Doziner, George               1-0-1    Caldwell

Odle, Augustus                 2-4-5    Queensbury

Odle, Jacob                        2-0-3    Queensbury

Odle, Nathl                         1-1-1     Queensbury

Stringham, Thomas        1-2-3    Queensbury

Ferris, David                      1-4-1    Ridge Rd., Queensbury

Bartow, Elijah                    1-1-2    Sanfords Ridge, Queensbury

Barker, Nicholas               1-0-3    Queensbury

Trip, Willm                          1-1-1      Sanfords Ridge, Queensbury

Trip, Jonathan                   1-0-1     Sanfords Ridge, Queensbury

Wills, James                       1-2-3    “Wells”; Hicks Rd., Queensbury

White, Willlm                     1-1-3     Sanfords Ridge, Queensbury

Trip, James                        1-3-2     Sanfords Ridge, Queensbury

Fuller, Semeon                 1-3-4    Caldwell

Truesdel, Richard           3-2-5    Caldwell


Crane, Samuel                  1-1-3    Caldwell

Todd, Jonah                      1-0-5    [note Jonah Todd at Chatham,. Columbia Co.,

                                                              in 1800]

Shaw, Daniel                     1-1-3    Caldwell

Bennet, David                   1-1-3    Queensbury

Grover, Joseph                 1-0-4    ?Johnsburg

Chase, Jonah                     1-0-0    Could this be Joshua Chase of The Oneida,


Vandeusen, John             2-4-6    West Mt., Queensbury

Keant, John                       1-1-1

Smeed, William               1-4-3    Luzerne

Eady, David                        1-1-2    later to Fort Edward


Eady, John                          1-3-3    same


Grover, Enos Jr.               1-0-1    Johnsburg

Lucas, Andrew                  1-3-4    Queensbury or Caldwell


Clossen, John                    1-1-1    Quaker from Easton

Tucker, Abraham            3-4-5    Cronin Rd., Queensbury

Southwick, George         2-3-3    Rolling Ridge, Queensbury

Pick, Peter                          2-2-2    lower Ridge Rd., Queensbury


Brown, Samuel                 1-3-3    Queensbury; perh. at The Oneida; at Queensbury

                                                              in 1800

Briggs, Jeremiah            1-1-4    Cronin Rd., Queensbury

Hopkins, Eli                      1-3-2    Queensbury

Wing, Abraham Jr.         1-2-5    Glens Falls

Flanigan, Edward            1-2-1    Glens Falls

Russell, Jeremiah           1-2-1    Luzerne

Tubbs, Seth                        1-3-5    [note Seth Tubbs at Exeter, Otsego Co., in 1800; IGI has Seth,                                           who m. Jerusha – c, 1788 or 1796 and had son Seth b.                                                               NYS in 1814]

Tubbs, Ichabod                1-0-2     [note Ichabod Tubbs at Exeter, Otsego Co., in 1800]

Darling, John                   1-0-1    Luzerne

Bailey, Joseph                  1-2-2    ?”Railey”, collector for Jessup’s Patent

Penny, David                    1-0-1

Grant, Isaac                      1-2-1

Darling, Gersham          2-0-2    Luzerne

Beach, Benjn                    1-1-5     Luzerne

Loop, Hendrick               1-1-6     Luzerne

Dey, Jacob                         1-0-1

Lindsay, Eliphalet           2-2-7     Luzerne

Linsey, Achibald              2-2-4     Luzerne

Buttolph, Isaac                 1-0-2     Luzerne

Dibble, Silas                      2-4-5     Luzerne

Mills, Daniel                     1-2-3      Luzerne

Orton, Thomas                 1-4-4     Luzerne

Fairchild, Benjn                3-0-2    Luzerne

Brown, Samuel                 1-1-3    [note Samuel Brown at Thurman in 1800]

Durham, Russel                2-2-1    Luzerne

Allen, David                       1-1-6     res. Queensbury; had still at Luzerne

Dexter, Philo                      1-5-1    Luzerne

Buttolph, Isaac Jr.           1-0-1    Luzerne

Ware, Abiel                         1-1-2    [note James Ware at Bolton in 1800]

Fuller, Jonathan               2-2-3   Thurman

Fairchild, Samuel             1-2-5   Luzerne

Fairchild, Peter                 1-1-5    Luzerne

Sprague, Ebenezer           1-3-2   Luzerne

Bennet, David Jr.              1-0-2   [note David, above, at Queensbury]

Hatch, Lemuel                   1-0-4    ?Luzerne; Noah and Joseph Hatch were early


Sprague, Ebenezer Jr.     1-0-1     Luzerne

Harris, Thomas                  1-0-3    Caldwell

Hey, Udney                          1-2-12   Caldwell


Crumer, Catherine            1-0-3

McColly, Hugh                    1-0-3    Caldwell


Smith, John                        2-2-1     ?Caldwell

Smith, Curtis                      1-2-3     [note Curtiss Smith at Crown Point in 1800]

Cock, Willm                        2-0-2

Thurman, John                 9-3-5-1   Johnsburg

Millington, Samuel           2-2-6     Johnsburg

Burlingham, Wanton       1-2-4     Thurman

Pitty, Levi                              1-1-2

Hutchins, Moses                1-4-3     Johnsburg

Cook, David                         1-3-4     Thurman

Potter, Gideon                   2-1-3      Warrensburg

Potter, Stokes                    1-1-4      Warrensburg

     (not Stotnes)

Rich, Amos                         1-0-2     listed at Thurman in 1800

Kibbe, David                      2-1-3     Johnsburg, Warrensburg

Lamphear, Rowland       1-0-2    ?Thurman; others of that name in 1800

Pride, Jonathan                1-0-3    Thurman

Scripture, Stephen           1-1-2    Johnsburg

Hoskins, Joseph               1-3-3    “Haskins”; Chester

Punderson, John              1-1-2    Chester

Fortis, Abraham                2-1-4    ?Col Abraham Fort of Revolution

McDonald, John                1-3-4    Thurman

Cameron, Charles             1-2-6    Thurman

Darling, Gershom             3-0-2    ?Luzerne

McLaurin, John                 3-0-6   Warrensburg


Bond, Willm                        1-4-5    Warrensburg

Patterson, Thomas          3-0-3    Warrensburg


McEwen, Duncan             1-0-2    Thurman, later Luzerne

Beckus, John                     3-0-3    Warrensburg

Cameron, John                 2-1-3     Stony Creek

Potts, James                       1-2-2

Cameron, James               3-3-5    Warrensburg?  Smith p. 591

Cameron, Willm                 1-2-2    Stony Creek

Reyley, Robert                   2-0-3    Stony Creek


Ferguson, James                1-0-0

McDonald, James              1-0-0    Stony Creek

Johnson, Jeremiah            1-0-0

Charles, Simion                  1-0-1

Cromwell, Jesse                  1-2-2    [note Jesse Cromwell at Herkimer, Herkimer Co.,

                                                                 in 1800]

Thurman, Richard             2-2-4    Thurman

Woodworth, Josiah           2-3-3-  Warrensburg

Shriffe, John                       1-1-5      Warrensburg


McMullin, Hugh                3-2-6    Stony Creek


Hutchison, Joseph            1-1-1    Warrensburg

Fuller, Darius                     1-0-0    Chester

Russel, Jeremiah               1-0-1    Chester

Vowers, Hendrick             3-1-4   Warrensburg

     (not Vowess)

White, Jonathan               2-0-2

Boswick, Effington           3-0-1    Bolton

     (Everton Beswick)

Gates, John                        2-0-2    Bolton

Gates, Nathl                       2-1-4    Bolton

Lamb, David                      2-1-3    Bolton

Thomas, Joshua                1-0-2    Bolton

Kellum, Joshua                 2-0-3    Warrensburg

Pool, Timothy                    1-2-4

Grigory, David                   1-0-2

Hutchins, Jacob                1-2-3    [note Jacob Hutchins at Beekman, Dutchess Co., in 1800]

Hull, Daniel                        1-2-3     Bay Rd., Queensbury

Covils, James Jr.               1-3-3    [note James Covell at Hartford, Washington Co.,

                                                               in 1800]

Sisson, Nathl                       1-4-2    Queensbury

Richard, Coonradt            1-1-2    listed near Hague people in 1800

Varney, Joseph                  1-1-2    Queensbury, Luzerne

Totals:  261 – 275 – 543 – 0 – 1

                  At the time of the United States census in 1790:

There were 261 men 16 years or older.  All but one ‘Head of Household’ was male.

There were 275 Boys (under 16 years of age)

There were 543 Females (all ages)

There were    0  Other Free Persons (Native Americans)

There was      1  Slave

There were 1,080 people living in Queensbury – what would become Warren County – at the time when the 1790 census was taken.



This material was provided from the work of Judge John Austin of Queensbury.


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