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August 15, 2016




Luzerne In America:  An Interesting Look at ‘Selling’ Western Warren County


       This issue of Rewind presents an interesting look at the Lake Luzerne area.  A four page brochure was produced by the Luzerne-Hadley Chamber of Commerce.  It refers to the ‘new Sacadaga Reservoir’ several times, leading one to believe that the brochure was produced sometime in the early-to-mid 1930’s.  Research indicated that the Great Sacandaga Reservoir was completed in March, 1930.


       While there is no longer a Chamber of Commerce in Lake Luzerne, this brochure was used to ‘sell’ the area, citing nearby historical venues to visit, among them being “Cooper’s Cave…but eighteen miles away.”  It is marked Vol.1, No. 1, indicating that other brochures would be produced.  Was there a No. 2?  We would be interested in looking at others if anyone has one.


       On page 2, there is a reference to a project for a hydro-electric power dam on each of the two rivers:  the Hudson and the Sacadaga, which would make the Luzerne and vicinity ‘one of the greatest power developments in the eastern United states.’



page 1



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The brochure ‘Luzerne in America’ was found in material in the Warren County Historian’s office.  It is copied here for the Warren County Historical Society.


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