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August 1, 2015

The Town of Queensbury in the late 1940s

In some recent material donated to the Warren County Historical Society there was a stapled booklet entitled, “THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE TOWN OF QUEENSBURY.”   It is a ten-page report, ‘Compliments of H. Russell Harris, Supervisor.’ In the opening paragraph, Mr. Harris states, “It has been my privilege during the years 1946 & 1947 to serve the town of Queensbury with the desire to help all of the residents of the town.” From this statement, we can assume that it was put together in late 1947 or early 1948.

 For this column of Rewind, we thought it would be interesting to pass along some of the information that Mr. Harris shared in the report. How many of the businesses he lists do you remember?

 He begins the report with talking about new purchases of equipment for the Town Highway Department. He also reports, “Some 5 miles of roads and streets have been added to our highway system, which now measures 119 miles.”

 He explains that the town had been working with the City of Glens Falls, “…in the hope of encouraging them as good neighbors to remove from our midst, the city dump.” Apparently, he was successful, as the dump was closed years ago. In the recent past, the area was cleared of trees and brush and planted with grass. It is the big grassy hill just to the north of exit 18 of the Northway on Sherman Road.

 Harris goes on to say that residents of Queensbury will see changes in they future. “Here are some of the things you can expect to see soon: A new road to the Warren County Airport, the rebuilding of Dix Avenue, the rebuilding of part of Bay Road…the improving of the lower half of Ridge Road, and elimination of some dangerous intersections…the extension of hard surface of Big Bay Road, Sherman Ave., Glen Lake Road, Cleverdale Road, and some streets between the Boulevard and Dix Ave., the resurfacing of 5 miles of present hard surface road.” It was an ambitious roads project, to be sure.

“Cottage Hill” planning began in the mid-late 1940s. This was one of the first housing developments in the area, located on Miller Hill across from the Queensbury schools.

“Cottage Hill” planning began in the mid-late 1940s. This was one of the first housing developments in the area, located on Miller Hill across from the Queensbury schools.


 SUPERVISOR                         H Russell Harris            Star Route, G.F.           2-0477

JUSTICE OF THE PEACE  Meredith S. Bentley       R.F.D. # 1, G.F.              2-0432

JUSTICE OF THE PEACE   Harry J. Sleight              R.F.D. # 2, G.F.              2-6640

COUNCILMAN                        Curtis Lampson             R.F.D. # 2, G.F.               2-1239

COUNCILMAN                        Raymond Walkup         R.F.D. Lake George      2-0298

TOWN CLERK                         Bart D. Turner                R.F.D. # 1, G.F.              2-3554

ASSESSORS (chairman)     Edward Sleight              R.F.D. Lake George     2-0312

                                                       Ernest Hills                     R.F.D. # 2, G.F.             2-0238

                                                       Fred Ricketts                 R.F.D. Lake George     2-0395

COLLECTOR                             Arthur Hillis                  R.F.D. # 1, G.F.              2-0240

SUPT. OF HIGHWAYS         Ernest Lackey                R.F.D. Lake George      2-5909

CONSTABLE                             Ralph Hill                       R.F.D. Glens Falls         Kts By 402

CONSTABLE                             John Lennox                  R.F.D. Lake George      2-0412


       OFFICER                             Millard Coons               R.F.D.  Lake George     2-6677

WELFARE OFFICER          Anna McCaghey               R.F.D. Lake George      2-3878


     VITAL STATISTICS      Bert D. Turner                  R.F.D. # 1, G.F.              2-3554

SALARIES (as quoted from the 1946 Budget)

Supervisor   $1,800.00
Justice of the Peace   $1,000.00
Councilman   $600.00
Town Clerk   $2,000.00
Assessors   $1,200.00
Collector   $1,800.00
Supt. Of Highways   $2,400.00
Constable   $150.00
School Attendance Officer $200.00
Welfare Officer   $100.00
Health Officer   $881.79
Registrar of Vital Statistics $55.75



 Population                                    4,300   (1940 Census)

 Town Highways                           119 Miles

            of which                               31 are hard surfaces

 County Highways                        22.54 Miles

State Highways                             21.17 Miles

Shore line on Lake George       20 Miles (Approx.)

Shore line on Hudson River    20 Miles (Approx.)


The Warren County Tuberculosis Hospital (Westmount Sanitarium) is situated in the Town of Queensbury.

Two airports are located within the Town affording facilities for passenger and freight transportation as well as an aviation school averaging 50 students. Also, at the Warren County Airport, the Federal Government maintains a weather reporting station.

‘Pop’ Pease in his Army Air Corps uniform.

‘Pop’ Pease in his Army Air Corps uniform.


Five Reservoirs supplying the City of Glens Falls with water are located within the Town.

Six small lakes and numerous streams as well as many good beaches on the shores of Lake George provide adequate bathing, boating, swimming and fishing facilities.

There are 16 school Districts in the Town of Queensbury.

A very good 18 hole Golf Course, the Glens Falls Country Club, is situated in the Town.

A Hydro-Electric station on Sherman Island provides millions of kilowatt hours of electricity daily for use of local and nearby consumers.

The Town of Queensbury boasts of more than 300 business enterprises which play an important part in the daily lives of our local residents as well as to contribute materially to the welfare of the whole country. Among the largest and widest know of these industries are the Imperial Wall Paper and Color Corp. and the Glens Falls Portland Cement Company whose products are shipped around the world. A Partial list of other business enterprises of the Town of Queensbury (follows). (The following list was copied as it appeared in the original report – spelling, abbreviations, punctuation, etc.)


 Stevens Furniture Storage                     Lower Warren Street

H.E. Swan                                                        Lake George Road

S.O. Turner                                                    Upper Glen Street

Mrs. Wilson                                                    Upper Glen Street


The high diving board at Carpenter’s Pavilion on Lake Sunnyside.

The high diving board at Carpenter’s Pavilion on Lake Sunnyside.


Carpenters                                                     Lake Sunnyside

Hubbells                                                           Lake Sunnyside

Round Pond Casino                                     Round Pond

Carpenter’s Beach at Lake Sunnyside.

Carpenter’s Beach at Lake Sunnyside.


Bob & Ed                                                        Lake George Road

Ellsworths                                                     Dream Lake

Hanks                                                              Dunhams Bay

Bait Supply                                                    Lower Warren Street



Dunhams Bay Boat Storage                     Dunhams Bay

Ellsworth                                                          Dunhams Bay

Lake George Boat Company                     Harris Bay

Henderson Boat Company                        Cleverdale


Friends                                                             Pine View

Gurney Lane                                                    St. Alphonsus

Harrisena                                                          Scotch

Jenkins                                                               Seelye

Jewish                                                                Sunnyside

Mt. Hermon                                                     West Glens Falls


Bay Road Church                                           Bay Road

Harrisena Church                                          Ridge Road

North Church                                                   Upper Ridge Road

Oneida Church                                                Oneida Corners

West Mountain Church                               Aviation Road

West Glens Falls Church                            West Glens Falls



Calkins                                                             Ridge Road

Carpenters                                                       Lake Sunnyside

Crannells                                                          West Glens Falls

DeLongs                                                             Upper Bay Street

Elmore’s Goat Dairy                                     Sherman Ave

McBride’s Goat Dairy                                   West Mountain

Rymkewicz                                                       Sanfords Ridge

Sunnyside Dairy                                             Lake Sunnyside Road

Sullivans                                                           Lower Warren Street

Thomas                                                             Country Club Road


Flints Delivery                                              West Glens Falls

Wheeler Howe                                                Glenwood Ave

Merchants Delivery                                      Holden Ave. W.G.F.

B.F. Scoville                                                     Caroline St. W.G.F.



Barbers Garage                                                Miller Hill

Bovee Auto Parts                                             Caroline St., W.G.F.

Boynton’s Garage                                            Jenkinsville

Carswell’s Garage                                           Upper Glen Street

Corlews Garage                                               West Glens Falls

Crannells Motorcycle Service                   West Glens Falls

Harris Garage                                                   Upper Bay Street

Houseman’s Auto Sales                                Upper Glen Street

Howards Garage                                              Boulevard

Z.W. Hewitt                                                       Upper Glens Street

Keller’s Garage                                                 Lake George Road

Snows Garage                                                   Lake Sunnyside Road

Walkups Garage                                             Bay Road


American Oil Company                               Glenwood Ave

DeLong Fuel Company                                  Glenwood Ave

Goodrich Oil Copmpany                              Pine View

Gulf Oil Company                                            Pine View

Z.W. Hewitt & Son                                            Upper Glen

Mannis Oil Company                                      Bay Road

Harry Ramsey                                                    Aviation Road

Texas Oil Company                                         Lower Warren Street

Rotary Gas & Oil                                               Lower Warren Street



Bob’s Service Station                                     Glenwood Ave

Keller’s                                                                  Lake George Road

Z.W. Hewitt                                                         Upper Glens Street

Ladds                                                                     Lower Warren

Frank Nims                                                         Lake George Road

Rotary Station                                                   Lower Warren Street

Tugas Station                                                    Lower Warren

Sunset Station                                                   Lower Warren

Woods Station                                                   Lower Warren



Mohican Grange                                               Oneida Corners

Mountainside Grange                                     Dunhams Bay



B.C. Aldrich                                                     Ridge Road

Didios                                                                  Luzerne Road

H.G. Eddy                                                          Upper Glens Street

Lindy’s Gardens                                             Bay Road


Archards                                                          Upper Ridge Road

Branches                                                          Ridge Road

Galliardy                                                          Luzerne Road

Hogans                                                              Boulevard

Ingrahams                                                      Oneida Corners

Jackowski                                                        River Street

Newcombs                                                       West Glens Falls

Palmers Cabins                                             Cleverdale (Route 9L)

Walter Palmers                                             Cleverdale

Phelps                                                               Bay Road

Richardsons                                                   West Glens Falls

Stotts                                                                 Upper Bay Street

Van Antwerps                                                Upper Ridge Street

Trumbles                                                         Boulevard

Walkups Corner Store                                Bay Road



Carpenter Ice                                                Lake Sunnyside

O’Connor Ice Co.                                           Lake Sunnyside

O’Brien Ice Co.                                               West Glens Falls

Hovey Ice Co.                                                  Glenwood Ave

Mason Ice                                                         Cleverdale

Harrington Ice                                              West Glens Falls



Adirondack Core Works                           Dixon Road

Bairds Saw Mill                                              Corinth Road

Doty Lumber Co.                                            Glenwood Ave

Giffords Saw Mill                                           Luzerne

Granger & Stiles                                             Farm to Market Road

Harris Saw Mill                                              Ridge Road

Lewis Saw Mill                                                Dream Lake

A.C. Warner Co.                                             Glenwood Ave

C.G. Woodbury Lumber Co.                      Upper Glen Street



Bowles Heating Company                          Ridge Road

Getting Engineering Works                      West Glens Falls

Malcolm Mannis                                            Bay Road

E.C. Martin                                                       Glenwood Ave.

Webster Oil Burner Service                       Kattskill Bay



Blue Sky Inn                                                     Lake George Road

Breens Tavern                                                  Glen Lake

Carls Inn                                                             Lower Warren Street

Cozy Nook                                                           Ridge Road

Fan & Bills                                                          Lake George Road

Cavianos                                                             Boulevard

Glen Lake Casino                                            Glen Lake

Jeff’s Grill                                                          Lower Warren Street

Log Cabin                                                          Ridge Road

Mooneys                                                             Lake George Road

Peabodys                                                            Lake George Road

Polkadot                                                             Luzerne Road

Staples                                                                Cleverdale

Sullivans                                                           Glen Lake

Sumner Thomas                                            Glen Lake



Alexis                                                               Dunham Bay

Braytons                                                           Cleverdale

Chal-Ross Lodge                                           Lake George Road

Fair View Cabins                                           Lake George Road

French Mountain House                            Lake George Road

Kellers                                                                Lake George Road

Pine Rest                                                           Cleverdale

Red Rose Cabins                                             Lake George Road

Samoset Cabins                                              Lake George Road

Scribners Cabins                                            Lake George Road

Spinning Wheel                                              Upper Glen Street

Don Thomas                                                     Miller Hill

Top of the World Farms                              Lockhart Mountain

Trout Pavilian                                                 Katskill Bay

Willard Hotel                                                  Rockhurst

Wakita Cabins                                                 Lake George Road

Woodlawn Farms                                           Cleverdale



Adirondack Riding Club                            West Mountain

Adirondack Wholesale Grocery               Boulevard

American Paper Machine & Engine        Wks. Bay Road

Brennans Roller Skating Rink                    Lake George Road

Bronk-Redi-Mix Concrete                            River Street

Bush & Batchelder Machine Shop             Boulevard

Cranes Vetinary Hospital                             Ridge Road

Desormeau Tobacco Company                   Upper Glen Street

Doykitch Awning Company                          Upper Glen Street

Ralph Elmore Driveway Service                 Sherman Ave

Glens Falls Portland Cement Co.               Lower Warren Street

Glen Repair Shop                                             Lower Warren Street

H. Russell Harris Driveway Service          Ridge Road

House of Colors Paint Store                         Lower Warren Street

Hudson Transportation Co. Garage         Boulevard

Longhi Road Construction Co.                    Corinth Road

Mountainside Library                                     Dunhams Bay

Pepsicola Bottling Works                              Miller Hill

Queensbury Equipment Co.                          Upper Bay Street

Rozelle Plumbing & Sheet Metal Shop     West Glens Falls

U.S. Catheter Company                                   Bay Road

Weeks Bus Bodies                                              Lake George Road

Wiswalls Veterinary Hospital                          Lake George Road


Town of Queensbury ‘Remembrance’ Board

Town of Queensbury ‘Remembrance’ Board


 Material for this article was taken directly from, “THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE TOWN OF QUEENSBURY,” prepared by H. Russell Harris, Supervisor, Town of Queensbury, 1946 & 1947. A copy of the original report is in the collection of the Warren County Historical Society.

©August 1, 2015, Warren County Historical Society.

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